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  1. eracer

    Wish i was at that bag
  2. Benhe Bagjumper

    No i quit cause this game is gay now plus i am pkable
  3. Benhe Bagjumper

    Now i am pkable this sucks ass
  4. Axe Guild Wars

    I am just wondering how many people hate the guild Axe and if u want a war with us post here. I am just wondering how many people hate me and my guild.
  5. Axe Guild Wars

    AHHAHA Sweethang my topic was more intresting because more people looked at it mwhahahaha
  6. Antio

    Dude bagjumping owns
  7. I bagjumped Doctor

    haha gryfelt the man
  8. shasso >_< liar

    Dude shasso's the man
  9. Benhe Bagjumper

    Damn i own too bad when i get all this shit i go into kf and lose it all hahahahaha
  10. Benhe Bagjumper

    Wooooooooot i am most hated yayayayayyaya
  11. Axe Guild Wars

  12. Axe Guild Wars

    Since i don't Scam anymore i am changing the guild name
  13. Silver Bars

    I need 40 iron bars for a god quest please pm me ingame on benhe if u are willing to sell them.
  14. Silver Bars

    YEa i am
  15. Axe Now Recruiting

    Axe is now recruiting because many members have left. We like to practice fighting, manufacturing, alchemy, and summoning. If u have any of those levels over 20 post here or pm me ingame at Benhe.
  16. Axe Guild Wars

    Warlord i will pwn u
  17. Axe Guild Wars

    ye ye
  18. Benhe locked

    I scammed mogogaipan for a iron suit today and then traded to luckydog. So now luckydog and benhe is locked. U guys don't have to worry about beeing scammed by me now.
  19. Axe Guild Wars

    I have quit el for now and i think forever since my character 's have been locked that last scam agianst mogogaipan really did it. So u guys can say w/e u want about axe and all becasue i won't be there ingame to respond later guys.
  20. Axe Guild Wars

    kala u were just sitting in kf so i took the chance to just kill u...
  21. Iron Broad Sword of Ice

    I offer one plate suit for your sword
  22. Knights of Solamnia

    is your icon thingy supposed to be the white rabbit in the matrix....?
  23. Fame and Axe

    no i am doing alright
  24. Black List.

    Surpising i'm not on it I mean what?