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  1. lmao!

    roflmfao how do you guys find this kind of stuff? my god i can't breath anymore (gasping for air)
  2. Microsoft Firefox

    where can i get a version???!!
  3. Drive By Insults

    that waz funny, i geuss...
  4. Lord of the flies day

    more than 10 seconds.. more like 5 minutes because for some of us it takes a minute before we even see the screen after logging in. another suggestion is to always log your char out in a safe place aka IP, safe zones such as the inside of a house or a cave (i don't even know if caves will be included in the Pkable zones for the rare day). yes entropy is right to say that having all maps pkable all the time would attract more players such as tibia, etc.. but this is not some other game. it is eternal lands and most people who started playing did so because it wasn't similar to games like tibia. what makes el so unique is that it is an actual role player game with no class restrictions and there is basically something for everyone. i'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be a "lord of the flies" day.. all that i am saying is that if there is, first of all we need a no attack period after logging on since we have no way to know what kind of day it is. that is the only fair thing to do.
  5. Lord of the flies day

    lol.... if you talk to Ent (especially reading the other thread), I suspect you'll find his position is that its not meant to be fair, its meant to be dramatic. Some of the new ores are in PK maps to force people to rely on each other for support and help. I think that Entropy just likes playing god and we are his guinea pigs that he experiments on to help satisfy his sadistic needs.
  6. Lord of the flies day

    If this day is approved, when someone logs onto the game there should be like a 5 minute span in which they can't be attacked because they have no way of knowing before they log on what kind of day it is. Sometimes when I log on, my server or whatever is slow and it may take a good minute before I can actually see the screen.
  7. Yes I know

    wow, i logged off right before the big Cr@$h i Am sooooo lucky
  8. Yugo no honor guild

    One thing: why hesitate to attack your enemy from behind? One answer: Why fight with no honor? Said once a very wise man, because only the wise ones can tell the real difference between a enemy and a friend.
  9. Ctrl/Alt/Del

    I think my brother might think like that from time to time, except with fire emblem
  10. What we're working on

    OMG, i want an eagle wing so bad now, great job roja
  11. Face lifts :)

    Whats wrong with the dwarf females? i like just how they are, dwarfish!...
  12. Rumours About "Bagjumping"

    Um not to be rude, but, clean your eyes out and read the thing over. I said dieing, I gave an example of pking. @cormaher: learn how to read correctly.
  13. the first one looks like my nieghboor
  14. Arigorn (Warning)

    Let me think, it is actually your own fault, don't let the cunning words get to your heads. He plays for himself, he is a lost case and has no future in a game that is very socal. In the EL society, there exists two kind of people : -the honest -the dishonest All players can be put in to one of these catagories. His tricks will work untill YOU ignore him, he is as strong as you let him be. I once knew him, and he has not changed, will he ever? Truly yours, J@©øЪ
  15. Tele to Storage Spell

    OR you would need to be a certain level to use it AND you have a chance of losing your stuff, and I mean ALL.