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  1. I am back ?

    hey guys i dont know if any of you still remeber me.. im sure the mods/admins do .. hopefully.. anyways i decided to come back and play EL again .. those of you that know me feel free to pm me in the game... thanks ??
  2. I am back ?

    lol i already did liquid.. i got the whole G-Unit gang made up.. and mike jones !!
  3. The Witches Chant

    hey guys i have to do a witches chant poem like the one from macbeth ( Shakespear ) and it has to rhyme .... and i need like 5-10 lines left and im REALLY stuck ...its pretty frustraiting that i have to do this even thought i speak 2 other languages... and i dont speak english at home... here is the poem i did so far ... please feel free to fix and add lines if u woudl like ... help appreciated The Witches chant Oh strengths of the dark immortal spirits Form a spark of darkness in this infernal pot Make it be an eternal spot where the graves astray All the spirits arise, disguise and rave Now cast an unholy spell over this soul Add a cursed heart of a doomed warlock Eyes of a deaf man and ears of a blind Venom from a spider and fur of a hamster Chilled with acid by a killed deer Boiling earthlings and lightning creatures
  4. World Cup 2006

    rofl shame on u and ur from england...
  5. World Cup 2006

    england and uhh uhhh i unno
  6. MSN Messenger

  7. Beta Warriors (Beta) <{{<

    gryflet = evolved sora_Barzahad oh and lol they arent laughin because you are funny xD they are kind of more laughing at u
  8. Letter from sMooMs

    mhmmm :| i unno
  9. Selling.

    or are they ????
  10. More skills?

    i would like to see teh c00king skillz !!! apple pie making and stuff
  11. Selling.

    shivar i got the phone number of a really good shrink looks like you may need one or maybe some anger management classes ?? i've tried them all
  12. What's happening with god quests?

    so theres no point of doing them now ... even tough it will take a couple of months to add the new quests oh well
  13. War to Daxon

    I think by the time CG starting hanging out with shivar CG has given his account to KP aka rick james so i dont think CG is teh same guy that was polite to u.. edit: if anyone got offended by saying this...thats life
  14. Looks bad..

    go post good comments about it ? EDIT: Oh nice comment nackster i tottaly agree with u
  15. Selling 1 Iron Broad of Ice

    im selling my one and only Iron Broad of Ice ...this auction will end on firday september 30th Best offer wins .... :raf: PM ME INGAME on EmineM2004 or post the offer here THanks ...and happy bidding
  16. Română

    ce e rau de cuba :/ ??? din afara de 1000000 de uragane ?
  17. I bagjumped Doctor

    dont bagjump gryflet he will bagjump back
  18. Selling a lot of stuff

    if you bagjump it or find a way to scam it out
  19. ELite Player in action

    G G G - U not !
  20. street drug?

    many friends of mine do drugs... if u try them ull become addicted to them
  21. selling titanium short of ICE

    did chatterbug get it ?
  22. guild capes

    it can not have anything like drugs, guns, etc.

    niceee ill still sell tough
  24. blue cape