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    White Rabbit

    was and still am AngryBeaver
  2. To know or not to know.

    race : Human Female (it was a misstake i made the charecter in a hurrey after the server crash and dident notice i was a female chareter before it was to late) current highest skill is alchemy but i feel like an all armounder
  3. I want ...

    heres the sword http://lineageii.de/phpkit/phpkit/images/B...%20Sword(D).jpg i want a flock of minions
  4. plant game O0

    32.5 Feet
  5. Magic Quick Bar

    same bug happends to me
  6. bug in parlon vertas

    got this error while wandering around in parlon vertas got the error at 265.157 Bad Objects: ./3dobjects/structures/watchtower1.e3d . Two or more materials with the same texture name Bad Objects: ./3dobjects/structures/watchtower1.e3d . Two or more materials with the same texture name
  7. The Legends of #Beaver

    yes i was around before the server chrash
  8. The Legends of #Beaver

    guess who the big beaver is i told them to not f*ck with the beavers
  9. clouds

    have to agree, you got some mutch nicer clouds Entris
  10. clouds

    some awsome cloud formation outside my windows now, just had to take a picture and share it with you guys http://angrybeaver.sytes.net/skyes01.jpg http://angrybeaver.sytes.net/skyes02.jpg
  11. how it REALLY happened

    lol that was funny
  12. Monster Invasions

    missed em all to, but lookes like shivat had fun
  13. Practicing for "The Wave"

    :S lol
  14. solution to all the newb scams etc..

    you can go on and give them the big old additude "smeg you, if you dont even bother to read the help/rules why shoud we help you" just a thought.. some of the newbies get away way to easy, you help them to mutch and they get lazy, i remember when i started to play this game with vegar and there where 100-150 people on the server, then we dident get help we actualy learned the hard way
  15. How many posters does it take....?

    haha.. thats and old clasic