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  1. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    So what if someone did do an #abuse? how would the responding moderator figure out if i did help out enough?
  2. You may ask yourself ..

    that looks like DP? the whole area around storage looks off, the area around KF, the forested area is too wide ;o
  3. Magic removal stone

  4. Magic removal stone

  5. Magic removal stone

  6. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    human removal at MM sunflowers ^^
  7. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    Necro \o/ Anyways, I have noticed that the smaller teams need all the help they can get. Yesterday I was in such invance for the 120-200 range, 6 people showed up of which one left and logged off after dieing. To make a long story short I was there, killed alot of stuff and we finished with about ~20mins left. But usually these small invances happen in US timezone while i'm at work, so yesterday I might have had to go afk for ~30mins so now the question is.. if I were to go afk during that invance would that result in a boot from invance and/or ban? The low amount of time left leaves me to think that without my help the invance would probably have failed, as i did help with all 3 MB's, some of the dragons and alot of everything else. So would that still be considered as not helping? as I do go afk but still play a vital role in that invances success i'm confused...
  8. New meat scandal by McDonalds

    told Lanfeust not to have sex with that chicken. now look what happened 9 months later
  9. Sarah Connor ?

    another vague topic, good job
  10. you do know you can just make a copy of EL, rightclick it -> properties -> shortcut and put Test behind everything in Target?
  11. The Joker

    Just had an idea to have Joker spawns as in OL, Learners game. Joker can basically spawn anywhere on any map, and if he's not found within 6 hours he spawns somewhere else. This would make hunting Joker actually a hunt rather then walking to known coordinations, and be much more fun to find it, or to stumble across him when walking around randomly. discuss
  12. post-structuralistic existentialism question

    is there a point to all these vague topics?
  13. Selling Human nexus removal

    Frantic found a Human Removal Stone Start bid at 900k BIN 1mil
  14. Selling Human nexus removal

    sold ;o
  15. The Joker

    Maxine being one of them and having most Joker finds probably, and she liked the idea when it was brought up in channel. besides you mention "hunters" but how do you hunt something when you know where to find it? knowing where to find it defeats the purpose of a hunt. on top of that maybe we could organize a joker farming sessions this way, 1 player on each spawn and just collect rewards
  16. New Types of Giants

    i'd suggest a boss with a perk called "No Bullshit" basically it takes no bs from rangers and releases an AoE damage type like fire (with a DoT effect) or ice AoE (paralyzes long range opponents) igitd is a small amount of damage and easily healed through. Or atleast have that cockatrice boss thing spawn the giants in an X amount of tiles radius instead of right next to himself so Rangers have to fear something too.
  17. I ate 30 oranges , you won't guess what happend

    You got pregnant from 30 Oranges?
  18. actually i like the idea, and no harm done in implementing it, FR perk is there for hp, mana and should be there for AP too since they all regenerate over time. would give a reason to put on the FR cloak more often.
  19. Auction Red Royal Cape

    blue dragon set or more? thats alot. especially for a cape that is only for looks and just recently added as a drop, more cloaks will probably drop and they'll get cheaper soon :x but I guess you have to take advantage of the situation, trying to get more then a blue set for it while it is still 'rare'
  20. MADALINUX (why uppercase) NOOB lies/scams/lures

    yeah wtf happened? the stuff you posted isn't proof in any way that he scammed anybody. it's just a bet ?_?
  21. New Animal in EL

    more dragons, quite original.
  22. clarification on an invasion rule

    very small price to pay for all the drama you get in return ^^
  23. you need to go outside more if you get discomfortable sitting close to someone in a game O.o Edit: can always #abuse the person for sexual harassment ofc
  24. Yolo Guildy Flux bjing

    Time for another "I bagjumped look at me so pr0, but u can still trust me because (insert lame excuse here)" topic \o/