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  1. this is a feature and has been reported befor please search befor posting ok thanks:P



    I was told by Tyralax to post it here, so apparently he hadnt heard of it. And I checked the first page of this section of the forums and it hasnt been posted reciently. So if it has been posted somewhere before, people dont know about this bug and its been around for a while withough being fixed or commented on.


    Could you maybe give the title of the previous post reguarding this "feature"?

  2. Ive had powerhungry for a couple weeks and I just noticed that I use more than 3 food per minute while harvesting some items.


    Ive tested this on fruit and it works fine, 3 food per minute.


    But when I mine coal or Iron ore my food level will drop one point randomly during the middle of a minute, then it will drop another 3 points at the end of the minute. Sometimes I lose a total of 5 food per minute.


    I havent tested this on other harvestables yet. Maybe someone else with powerhungry can try this out to confirm?

  3. Placid 

    post Jun 3 2005, 06:57 AM

    Why can't Microsoft and the rest of the USA use DD/MM/YYYY or even DD/MON/YYYY?



    I didnt take the time to read the whole thread and I stopped at the post I quoted. The United States military has used DD/MM/YYYY (and DD/MON/YYYY)for more than 50 years. So, I guess its not the Americans you have a complaint with, just the software compainies that dominate the planet.


    *EDIT* ack Ive read more of the topic and I see my point was already made.


    But in all fairness since Internet was invented in United States Universities then I guess they had the first say in how the dating system was and everyone that didnt follow them was actually breaking off the beaten path and comming up with their own system.

  4. I use Netscape 7, and now Netscape 8 and I have the same problem. I have to log in EVERYTIME i visite the forums. I cant make it rember me. This is the only forums I have this problem with, all others remember me fine. This is the only site I have to log in EVERYTIME i visit it. I guess its comforting to know Im not the only one.


    *edit* I bookmark www.eternal-lands.com page then click on the forums link to come here. Maybe that is the problem. If I change my bookmark to the forums directly it could remember me somehow.

  5. RICH started off bein anoying and will always be anoying and well they wont die.. ive tried to kill them but they just respawn in hell. :( so complaining is just pointless ive tried >.< they're just n00bs




    Best thing to do is PK them and #ignore




    So by the rules of the game and by your own admitions, its actually against the rules to lure us "n00bs" into PK and kill us. Isnt it against the rules to trick n00bs? :rolleyes:

  6. Freind got kicked from RICH for no reason

    Most of leaders are ....

    When i was a n00b no skill 20 they would pm me begging over and over to join (no it wasn't just robo mrmind you did it too)

    False Advertising :P (being rich and not :P)

    Trying to be friendly and suggeting stuff on forums and get ip ban..

    anyone who wants war (most of the guild) gets kicked from rich

    Being complete a.holes...

    there's more... but i choose not to list them =/


    how to fix.... delete the clan.... or just kick all the leaders in cluding your self and half of the clan

    and shouldnt this be under guilds...




    Ok most of your post I know nothing about as it probably happened before I was around (recruiting you) or I had nothing to do with it (your IP ban our forums, which Im sure you deserved for either spamming or acting like a jerk when you were a guest)


    But I can definatly say that most of the guild does NOT want war. And your statement ((anyone who wants war (most of the guild) gets kicked from rich)) by definanition is completly ignorant and without thought.

    Think, if we kicked everyone that wanted war, AND by your statment that includes most of the guild, then we wouldnt have many members, would we? Like I said, ignorant and without thought. I would bet you havent even met HALF our members. And I mean more than just seeing us walk by. So since we all know you havent taken a poll from all the members that suggests most of us want war, how can you assume such things?



    Usually the only people that want to fight other guilds are new members who think that by joining the largest guild they will have power in our numbers. We have posted rules for the guild and one of them is that we dont fight other guilds. And yes, if you have a problem with that rule, we will likely remove you from the guild so you can go and PK to your hearts content. We certainly arent going to force someone to play the game in a way they dont want to. If they want to PK then our guild isnt for them. We are merchant guild that focus' on making things, though we have members that span every profession the game has to offer.


    And as for your asshole statement, well thats your opinion. I dont think any of the members are assholes, nor do I think you are one as I havent met you ingame, and I think this is the first time I have responded to a post of yours.


    I do think that you (and many others) are holding a grudge against this guild for actions that were done by members that arent in the guild anymore. And other than removing the problem elements there isnt anything more we can do.


    Thats part of the reason for this thread, to see just what peoples greviances are with our guild and to bring about change where possible. To ask that the guild be disbanded because you hold some idiotic grudge for actions that happened months ago by people that are no longer a part of the guild, is beyond sophmoric.


    Please note, Im not attacking you in any way... just your opinions and sugestions.



    Now is there anyone with any SERIOUS compaints or sugestions?

  7. Well i dont think its about hating noobs but i think its about hating your guild cuz it has scammers and bagjumpers in it




    Name one... thats right, you cant. They arent in the guild anymore. So you can give up that reason for not liking RICH. You are probably like most others, you are jumping on the bandwagon because a couple of older players (and a newbhelper) still hold some idiotic grudge against people they have never interacted with, simply because they are a part of a guild with a less than perfect past.

  8. @jimmythesaint:  Never assume, you make an ass of u and only u  <_<

    No, my remaining afk has nothing to do with macroing, and the mods can tell that anyway.  Not even worth your mentioning. 


    I really don't have to offer you any reasons or explanations.  I gave the most easily understandable one, there are others that I am quite sure you would NOT understand.  Nor do I choose to get into it with you. 


    Obviously there is a problem with afkers in crowded areas, that is something we want to do something about, and has been discussed.




    Dont get me wrong.. I wasnt accusing anyone of Macroing at all. I just said that I assume that many of the people I see are doing that. Simple misunderstanding .. thats all.


    You are right you dont have to offer any reasons... but I did ask that if there was something I was missing for people to please let me know. That way I could make an informed opinion.. instead of just assuming people are afking for no reason. Otherwise you have no grounds for your argument and it appears like you are just blindly defending your opinion for no reason.


    Perhaps my solution isnt the best one out there? There have been two other solutions mentioned here that have atleast allowed me to think of the AFK issue differently.


    And an update... Solodus just gave me a reason for Mods to be on to get logs and I can certainly see where their logs are important.

  9. no.....the point of goin afk is to be online...not to just forget....... i.e. i mostly know when im afk... or maybe its a emergency... and for a emergency get punished???? thats cruel......see if i go afk knowling i will go into some house or somthing most of the time....but i shouldnt get punished for going afk...thats really cruel... ;)  <_<




    We arent talking about emergencies here... well I guess we are if the emergency takes longer than an hour. And how is it punishing anyone for making them log back in? If anything its you punishing the other players by being on and not interacting or actually doing anything, making others game suffer.



    Well no, because I afk in isolated places so I don't get the local chatter.  I don't want my screen filling up with that.  I just don't think it's anybody else's business if somebody chooses to afk, there are many reasons to do so.  I only think there should be restrictions on where they are allowed to do so for extended lengths of time.  Hence the auto-tp away suggestion.




    It doesnt really matter how "isolated" you are... you are still connected to the server. As pointed out before you are still using bandwidth that you dont pay for. Its only courteous to other players (not to mention the people that pay the bill every month for the bandwidth) that you log off to conserve bandwidth. Besides, people arent going afk in isolated places. Otherswise I wouldnt be noticing at them all the time.


    You say there are many reasons for someone to go afk, but you only offer one (chatlogs). And its the best (only) reason Ive heard. Some sugestions are for you to have a friend who is actually playing email you a copy of the chatlog. That way you still get what you want and the rest of the community doesnt have to suffer for anyones selfishness.


    I'd rather they get tp'd away, like in harvesting, than booted. That just doesn't seem fair.


    And I still want to see my char, so I don't like the limbo/chat only idea.



    You have GOT to be kidding. You are leaving the game afk and you are still worried about being able to SEE your character? You arent even there!! What do you want to see? You want to see your character just sitting there "isolated" with absoultly nothing going on around at all? That seems lik you are just reaching for excuses now.

    I actually like the limbo idea, but it would require much more work on the developers end than just a time out disconnect. Plus it doesnt really solve the problem of these people slowing the game down because they are still connected.


    It may not seem like you are hurting the game at all. And at this point in the game with the relativly small user base you are generally right. But when this game, say doubles the active users, and there are 100 or so people going afk it will be very noticeable to the people trying to actually play.



    The only other reason I can imagine someone actually being away from their computer and still having the game running is for Macroing. Which is what I naturally assume many people I see are doing. But I guess thats a little different subject.

  10. I notice this a lot. People will go AFK for hours on end... in some cases a whole 24 hours or more.


    I constantly see people in the EXACT same place they were hours or even a day before. These are not bots we are talking about and Im sure there would be some exception to the rule for them.


    Im suggesting that if you go AFK for say, an hour, you should get automaticly disconnected from the server.


    I suggest this for two reasons:

    1. Why would you sit AFK for multiple hours? Once you run out of food you arent researching anymore. That takes what... 40 minutes?


    2. The people who are AFK are still connected to the games server which does use bandwidth which ultimatly slows the game for everyone else. Granted its not much, but if you have 50 people all AFK; then thats 50 other people that are having a laggy game and cant enjoy the game fully.



    Maybe Im missing something here that is a good reason for these people to AFK for days at a time? Please vote in the poll and if you have something constructive to offer, pease do.

  11. I think this is a good idea as it will solve the debate over who the richest class of player is: Fighters, Manufactures, etc.


    If everyone will be able to clearly see who the top 50 or so richest are, then it wont be hard to check those peoples stats and see once and for all who is the richest class and how much richer they are than other classes.