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  1. Mr_hero And Reborn

    So he was bagjumping (which is allowed) yet you admit to blocking his path (which is clearly against the rules)? Just trying to make sure I understand the situation...
  2. Raining Everywhere

    I have had the same problem with both Teleport sounds and more commonly the rain. Logging out/in always solves it though.
  3. Wraith

    This actually sounds like a good sugestion.
  4. Bring The Ants Back To A Non-pk Map For Anthill?

    Akkk no AI experiments. Have none of you seen Terminaor or the Matrix? The machines will take over!! Nah, seriously I wasnt around when they were here before, but it does sound like a very interesting game mechanic.
  5. Nickelback Vs Creed

    You might want to re-do this... looks like you messed up.
  6. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I did a search and didnt find this so it just seems like a grammar error. When taking a boat from DP to Portland upon arrival it said "Welcome to the Portland" Just remove "the" It should read "Welcome to Portland" I checked and only does this when traveling to Portland from DP on the ship. I checked all other enterances to Portland and they all say "Welcome to Portland" Please also note that when you travel FROM Portland to DP on the ship it says "Welcome to the Desert Pines" So that one needs the same correction. *EDIT* I found another error. In the Encyclopedia under Harvesting-Sapphires; the research required is "Titanium Mining and Prerequisites". This should be Sapphire mining and prerequisites.
  7. Pp Reset

    I was leaning towards a yes until I read this post, so Id definatly vote NO.
  8. Next/bunsten Banned

    Yeah in the Pm to me he said "if u didnt want it getting in ur screen then u just put #jc #3 simple as that" Which Im assuming is an ill-attempted way to tell me that if I didnt like being cussed at and disrespected, I shouldnt have been in that channel in the first place. Nice try at brown nosing there justice_knight. And for the record... Bunsten was warned several times. He even told me later last night that "[bunsten]: you can post 1000 abuses about us [jimmythesaint]: you guys arent pissed about that? [bunsten]: LOL no i am lauging @ it [jimmythesaint]: ok [bunsten]: its already locked i was to post some phun [jimmythesaint]: yeah it got locked quick [bunsten]: you need to learn much about oldschool players chatting in channel 3 [jimmythesaint]: if you cant beat em, join em [bunsten]: becourse that 5 mins silance is becourse where moved to othere channels [jimmythesaint]: i guess I do have a lot to learn [bunsten]: :> [Chance]: guys discuss this in pm or elsewhere [bunsten]: ohh here is chances.. [bunsten]: XTC ... Jummie [PM to Bunsten: no hard feelings earlier?] [PM from Bunsten: haha no its normal for us to get mute and moced] [PM to Bunsten: then I wont give you guys no more smeg] [PM from Bunsten: it happed 20 times a day..] [PM to Bunsten: lol... ok then have a good time] [PM from Bunsten: ofcourse we do D] [bunsten]: chance you got somthing to sell ? [bunsten]: your cloak ? [jimmythesaint]: lol!! [Chance]: i have topic. and i'm giving it away for free [shivar]: jimmyTheNoob [shivar]: abusing me [bunsten]: GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE i beggering you GIMMIE [PM to Shivar: yeah yeah I know] [PM from Shivar: go abuse me nuubaaa] [PM to Shivar: no hard feelings earlier?] [PM to Shivar: nah, fuc it] [PM from Shivar: u topic nazi]" *END* Now I did reply to that but it was just something about me correcting his spelling of Natzi. Now I did "act" friendly to these people so I could get their thoughts on the thread I posted. See these childish acting? These people think it was a good laugh for me to post my abuse topic and even dared me to post another. They admit to jumping around channels just to cause problems and even resort to the namecalling again. The reason they did this? They knew there would be no recourse for their actions. They think its all a joke and there will be absolutly no punishment for their actions. I think the administrators dont need to be so afraid to remove such pests from their game as they are complety destructive and add nothing but misery to other players. I was basicly told that since I was new to the game, I had a lot to learn and, that they could do whatever they wanted without any punishment from anyone. I dont think warnings were needed at all. According to Bunsten they are warned "20 times a day" and thats completly normal. How do you expect people to learn to obide by the rules you set forth if you dont offer any punishment at all for their actions. And from my posts here and earlier it should be easy to see that Bunsten and his bot NeXt arent the only ones that should be banned. Permantly! Some serious cleaning of the community is in order. If the admins of this game arent willing to do something about people, that are only here to cause problems and hassle other players, then they can never expect the game to grow beyond what it is now; A small game played by a handfull of regular players with new players leaving as fast as they come. I have checked, and this game hasnt grown since Febuarly(max players on at one time which just changed yesterday.). Thats two monts of stagnation. And there have been updates this whole time. Its not like the developers arent putting anything into the game. They are doing a good job, as I see there was an update earlier yesterday. But the game isnt growing any, and its not from a lack of people showing up to play. Its from a lack of people hanging around after being insulted and made to feel like they dont belong. If this community is ok with "oldschool players" causing problems just because they have been here a while and can get away with anything then this game will never be anyting but "oldschool players", because those few will drive away the masses that would really enjoy this game. Thank you.
  9. Metallica Or Led Zep

    They rocked way hard back in the day... they have changed things up nowadays, but still better than Zep to me.
  10. People of USA, watch out

    No the pedals are the same.
  11. Ram?

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22computer+lingo%22 Educate your self at the above link.
  12. People of USA, watch out

    Wow.. here in sweet home Alabama they dont have any of that. Just take the written test and then your drivers test (on the same day) and if you pass then you got yourself a drivers liscence. Oh and you can get your permit at 15, but you have to have a liscenced adult over 18 in the car with you. Course its been a decade since I got mine, so things may have changed since then.
  13. Scamming Guild SwW (Comming Soon)

    If you have a guild of thieves out for their own gain then how hard would it be to bribe one of the members into telling you what you want to know? Thats if your spy doesnt work out....
  14. Race Abilities

    What about give positives and negatives to all the races except Human. They get no plusses nor negatives. They are just regular ole Humans afterall. Some other things... Elves and maybe Gnomes should have higher charm and the other two P2P races should have a negative charm unless dealing with their own race. Course this will have to be implemented first, but its an idea.
  15. Scamming Guild SwW (Comming Soon)

    Ok... after all this bitching going on back and forth that I just read I came to one simple solution. SPY ON THEM! Thats right... beat them at their own game. Create an alternate character and with your main character report/post your alt character as a confirmed "scammer". Then when your alt is in the scammer guild just get the name that they use and everytime they change it you can announce their guild name with your main character. No need to go searching for all this guild info/lists crap. I for one like the idea of a guild dedicated to evil deeds as long as its within the rules/boundaries of the game. But really its too easy to get around as I pointed out above.
  16. 2 Thread In General Store

    Yup same prob here.
  17. Random Harvest Events

    Ok, I think something needs to be done about the random events that occur while harvesting, esp mining. In the 6-7 hours I played today I broke Two Gloves, two Pickaxes, and randomly died twice! Not to mention the couple beestings and a 3-4 "mothernature got pissed for half my life" All the while only recieving TWO positive random events for less than 900 harvest exp total. That doesnt seem very balanced does it? I understand why the random events are there, but they seem too frequent and some are just rediculous. As Im writing this I just saw the guy next to me get a cavern wall fall on him and 1 minute later mother nature gets pissed at me again. The random death while harvesting is really stupid. I mean it doesnt make any sence at all. La lala plugging away at this coal... BAM im in the underworld. Damnit! My pickaxe just broke while typing this.. that makes 3 today. I guess I should just start carrying 3 with me at all times? <_< I can deal with the pickaxes and gloves breaking as they are cheap. But, randomly dying while harvesting sucks.
  18. Random Harvest Events

    I agree... if its a bug it should be implemented more often. Its just really annoying to have to carry around 5 pickaxes or Gloves all the time, nothing fun or exciting about it.
  19. Random Harvest Events

    Yeah thats exactly what I was talking about. I know thats why they are there... and I think its a good thing, but some balance is really necessary. And by the way... Im pretty sure it was just a random death and not a cavern wall falling on me killing me. I checked my console chat and couldnt figure out why I died as there was nothing there but "you started harvesting" then BAM "jimmythesaint has contributed to the population control" or some such nonsence. *EDIT* Another pickaxe just broke! This is too frequent.