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  1. 50 Things to Do on the First Day of class

    I like the list ^_^ Very amusing, although I'm afraid my teacher's look down on me quite enough for my daydreaming as it is. =3
  2. head count

    Aww... I got 5000 the first time. Oh well, I'm an arts person. My math skills are--well, I don't have any =S Of course, re-adding I realized how lazy I really am when it comes to math. o0 That's a -little- too much rounding for my comfort. ^_^
  3. I cant get into EL

    Actually, I have had this problem myself now that I've switched from XP SP1 to SP2. However, it's very rare that this message pops up for me. Maybe... once every few days. I'm forced to stop playing and re-open EL (the error closes it out, it's the same message). It does the exact same thing on my laptop, which also runs SP2. It never did it before on SP1a. ^_^; Anyways, I was just doing to share that since this error is neither related to my graphics card or my client for me =S
  4. Practicing for "The Wave"

    Because I was trying to ignore the insanity? ^_^; Besides, I don't think I'd fit in with the shiny armor. =S
  5. Practicing for "The Wave"

    Something I captured at the beam when everyone was having fun doing the wave =3 They were very patient since it had to be done twice... ^_^ This is what happens when people get bored at the beam: http://www.PhotoServer.us/is.php?i=21953&i...htsanimatio.gif Reminds me strongly of a people version of "Whack-A-Mole" for some reason =S
  6. all my base

    http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?ii0lxihsa0 If you need a translation from my bad handwriting (I just realized there was a text tool o.0), here it is: Me: ~~Fwee~ Totally unreferenced fanart! ^_^ Naruto (character person): Everyone can see that, you dolt! >_<
  7. Xbox 360 Picture

    I can't wait for the PS3, myself. One reason explains my sole choice for always sticking with the PS: Final Fantasy =3 Although I think they're gonna start doing XBOX versions, the PS versions will likely always be better (like their crappy FF8 computer game. Didn't look so great). So.. yeah ^_^ I love RPGs, can't wait for the new PS3. My parents will likely be buying it for me, so I might save up enough money on my own to get Revolution or the new XBOX. =D
  8. teh monsters!

    Aw =3 They're so adorable. I want one to stalk me like the ants stalk people ^_^ Rent-A-Troll!
  9. original numa numa movie

    Lol. I loved this video, it's so entertaining! I like the one with the crazy pictures in the background better, because they're totally random and amusing. ^_^ I can't believe they played it on the news, either... that was even better. The most famous fat lip syncher ever =D
  10. Save the ants!

    Lol. I want an pet ant--Tanyia's was so adorable following her around ^_^ So I guess that means I'm for foster-ants and their new homes *coughslaverycough* Maybe this'll lead to us being able to follow another player like the ants follow us? That'd be a lot of fun, although I guess pretty useless except for people like me who can't click straight. =S
  11. The Rules

    I'm not currently playing two characters, but the main rule everyone here is interested in seems to be playing from the same IP and the restrictions regarding that. I'd like some clarification on that myself, because I'd like to have another character in the future =D I personally don't support making the rules extremely strict. If someone is going to go to all the trouble of re-reading rules and finding an excuse to get out of them, they're going to keep doing it no matter how specific the rule is. Even if there's no way around accepting responsibility, they're still going to argue. I trust the mods with their decisions regarding these type of people--since the problem isn't the rules, it's the attitude towards the rules. We don't need to make our rules as strict and tight as the US law or anything. =S It's a game and it's for fun, there's going to be some rule breakers no matter what you do. If we focus too much on the rules, we might wind up accidentally punishing everyone ^_^
  12. New update Problems & Flaws

    Your views are relevant, and there's a lot of people that share your views as equally as people share the view that the pricechange is good. Some people are just more passionate when they share, I guess ^_^ Oh, as for the level for things to get dropped.. Capes, defiantly not level-ranged unless it was a really focused-on fighting cape. Other items should be regulated better with the new price changes.
  13. What type of player are you?

    I'm a socializer, and that's about it =D I used to explore a bit... but I always find myself wandering into all the most unfortunate of places, so I stopped for a while. Almost everyone that's met me has saw me at the beam helping or chatting. ^_^ I'm not good at much anything else
  14. Book prices

    I've already posted my opinion on this billions of times, but I'm going to add it again anyways. =3 Yes, it's a bit harder to get a book now. So what? Don't you think that it should be difficult to get them? Or do you think every person who wants to become a manufacturer on a whim, or an alchemist on a whim, should have as equal of a chance as people that have thought about if for a while and know that alchemy or manufacturing is their chosen skill and will work hard and do whatever it takes to get there? This way, you have to actually put some effort in there! ^_^ Work with friends to get books, help each other out, join under someone's mentorship. Also, I think it's a lot more realistic to have a class in EL that are a bit better. I mean... that's how it is in the real world, right? It's not always fair, but it happens and it's just how things are. I like the touch of realism. =D
  15. Programer Or Murderer

    7/10 o0 Creepy