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  1. Vegetal Removal Stone

  2. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Congratz you 2 will try my best to be there but atm one computer and im staying at Fireballs house for the week!! BESTEST wishes!!!! *hugs to both ofyou*
  3. New top 3

    very well done!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  4. To all our Friends!

    I'm here to anounce the Wedding of SweeTThanG and FireBalls! And I would like to invite all OUR friends to attend this blessed event! Yes we tried to do this 3years ago but things got in the way! This time we are doing this as a BEGGINING of the REST OF OUR LIVES! So please join us in the 2 of us becoming 1!!! Place: Glacmor Galiens Temple (134,347) temple entrance (216,45) Date: Sunday March 29,2009 Time: 8pm cst(central standard time) -6GMT Reception to follow: Glacmor Dara's (178,91) tavern entrance (353,49) Hope to see ALL our friends there to help us Celebrate this wonderful LOVE we have between each other!! In and OUT of GAME! Thanx SweeTThanG and FireBalls
  5. Do you like the gummy bears?

    OMG THis song gets to me every damn time!! My daughter showed me that a while ago and it is still stuck in me head!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Eternal Lands

    Radu and roja and all the development team and ALL mods.Thanks for making great changes in Eternal Lands.Alot of em bitch complain blah blah blah but guess what 99% come bck!! Thats cause this is an awesome Community and ALOT of very nice people in the game. Sure we all have enemies and what not but in the long run I think we all get along!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETERNAL LANDS A BIG 6yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy EL mixing,and Hunting for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the Fame Guild!!!!
  7. Titanium Helm of Life

  8. Auction for 8 EFEs

  9. Hoarding poll

    I currently have 20k in storage! but...Im not happy with the gc I got so I bust my ARSE to get the things I need.(I have a tendency to buy one of everything in EL or have it made) and with that being said I don't think its hoarding..Like previous post I am a crafter and trying to summon now.But you do need shining stones and Enriched Essence's. (and of course the only stones I have is 5 binding MN loves me NOT, and 3 serpent stones.ZERO Ros. I perfer to have at least 200k gc in storage incase something good comes up to bid. So hopefully this "Idea" gets alot of thought.And its getting very sad making 65k FE's and NOT 1 EFE!!! And yes I have articape *must be broken* Just my 2 cents Sweets
  10. ZIP guild

    I agree aTeh they did this to me yesterday Emc2 and guess what them pansies never showed bck up!!! they red tagged bye Fame and YES i will BROD you F***ers all the time!!! Thanks for your time Enjoy the EL lands Hope NOONE sees you!!!!!!! Peace out Sweet
  11. Scythe, BD Scales, Poison Antidote Book

    scythe bid 190k Sweet
  12. 10kgc Treasure Hunt

    Gratz Magpielee
  13. The object of this is to see how many different toys we all had that were our favorite and if we still have them.So what ya do is type down your favvy toy and tell if ya still have it and what age you got it from. (Not your PREVIOUS age) Good Luck!!! Ok I look for a post of this nothing yet so here goes: My favorite toy as a child was a Cabbage Patch Kid...(Still have it) (Got it when I was 9) and my oldest oldest favorite toy was the atari 6400 and still have that also (and it works!!!!) (Got when I was 6) Ok someone else's turn. Like to see some differ toys or such out there. And try not to make this to explicit since there is CHILDREN that read this SweeTThanG
  14. Wildlife

    Venison is the best meat to eat Yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Pretty pics btw
  15. Ho Ho Ho, EvilJoe and Zia's Xmas Bot Event

    Does passed sell and buy count????