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  1. EL Momma's

    Shallara, How about widowed dads? (With a son who plays more EL than I do.) Dave
  2. Tattoos and Piercings

    A tattoo doesn't feel like needles. It feels more like being scraped with a dentist's drill. (Grin) Dave
  3. Tattoos and Piercings

    I have a tattoo on my back, behind my left shoulder: http://hinermad.livejournal.com/ - scroll down to the October 3rd entry, about halfway down the page. Dave
  4. Changing the Ila Prima tavern color

    Oh, I remember it. I was going to suggest what a tavern near my home town did: a statue of a white stallion on the roof. And yes, it was very obviously a stallion. But I like the Vulgar Unicorn idea better.
  5. Language written in

    Yeah, but it's not -hard-. It just hurts when you get caught. Dave
  6. PK contest for the next weekend

    You and me both, brother. But you've got it right now. Eastern US is currently on Eastern DAYLIGHT Time, which is UTC-4. On the last Sunday in October at 0200 local it'll change to Eastern STANDARD Time, which is UTC-5. In other words, it'll jump from 0200 to 0100 instantaneously. And if you have an electronic device that's supposed to make that jump automatically, it might do it again when the time reaches 0200 once more. And again, and again, and again... (Let's not talk about how I know this.) Next year it gets even worse - the dates on which the U.S. enters and leaves Daylight Saving Time change. Dave
  7. sending multiline PMs

    I have some C code around here somewhere that would break a text paragraph into PM-sized chunks. Breaks occurred at blanks within the text so it didn't split a word across two PMs. Let me know of you're interested. Dave
  8. El T-shirts

    You can get customized U.S. postage stamps from Cafe Press. I'd love to see stamps issued by the Emerald Valley or Mynadar Post Office. Dave
  9. Taverns & Inns

    Actually I think you might be onto something here. Let's get some entertainment in the taverns. Storytellers, games (Does anybody remember "Let's Make a Deal"? Now THAT was audience participation!), things like that. It'd be a nice break from the level grind. Dave
  10. Ownafests

    I like that name for the event!
  11. the new update

    This might be a configuration setting problem. Try this: 1) Make a note of where you installed the client. In my case it's /home/maddad/elc. 2) From your home directory, cd to .elc (note the dot at the beginning - that makes the directory invisible to a normal ls command, but it's still there. The EL client creates it to save certain files). 3) Edit the file el.ini and look for the variable name #data_dir. (It's about 3/4 of the way down the file.) Make sure it says #data_dir = <your EL install directory from #1 above>. In my case it says: "#data_dir = /home/maddad/elc" (No dot in elc this time!) 4) Save the file and start the EL client. With a little luck you'll be able to see everything. You'll find there is an el.ini file in your main install directory. That file is ignored by the client: it uses only the one in .elc. I hope this helps. Two years is a long time to go without playing EL. Dave
  12. Bot functions

    It's a good idea to check the bot rules here to see what a bot CAN'T (or rather, isn't allowed to) do. Other than these restrictions, it's like you say - anything a player can do, a bot could do.
  13. 1/2 food for manu Day

    We had a contest, I won, -100 food lvl Sorry, I pushed on and got to -128, then on the next step it jumped to +127. I'm reporting it here so I don't get bonked for exploiting a bug. I'll go make a bunch of essences now to get rid of the excess. Dave
  14. I've been stupid ;-(

    I'm in the same situation. I tried to re-create a couple of characters that I had deleted some months ago, one of them a bot. But the server won't let you create two characters within five minutes of each other, so when I tried to make the bot it gave me an error message. It still created the character, but the password I entered doesn't work. When I asked about re-creating the bot I learned that the "lost password" policy still holds. You'll have to make a new bot and go through the process of getting it approved again. Dave
  15. Questions about starting a bot

    I don't know what version of Ethereal you have, but the Windows version I use (0.99.0) has an Export function in the Files menu. You can export to plain text, PostScript, CSV, or a couple of XML formats. I ran into the same problem you mention about multiple messages in a packet. I ended up printing out packets of interest and marking them with a pencil to show the start and end of each message in the packet data field. It's not too bad since each message has a length embedded in it. as long as you can count in hexadecimal. Dave