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  1. coming BACK!?

    thats right..im coming back for a bit..i know most people dont even know me..but i had some pretty good friends in here from WAYYY back when... ive been kinda distracted with world of warcraft..and other games i got for christmas and such but..this game is calling me back hope to see some old friends
  2. make your own hero character!

    woo woo...i wonder if this works..havent been on el sry EG's...if u get this...cant play...dad monitering and deleted all my el stuff..ill be BACK THOUGH! ...haha im so bad at school...o yes this is me..yes me gah lol it wouldnt let me use the image tag b/c of dynamic pages? someone explain plz feverdog
  3. Random Spawns

    hmmm...my comment.. i say u just make the areas bigger and the spawns a bit more spread out...it stops the afk fighting a bit more...even now...sometimes i get fed up finding something that got away from its normal spot..but having to look over an entire map to find something no waY! i would get so bored i would quit looking period. only way i would fight is if i saw something on the way to something else training would take forever 2 but if you do....you would need TONS more spawns.. but my vote...is just for bigger areas the map would be TOOOO big to search over think of it...dp..walking across those logs over and over again
  4. Word association

  5. Image puzzle

    ok i cant get 9 b/c i dont have any kind of editor...could someone pm me the pass or something? thanks
  6. new site?

    hey ok my site will be taking a little longer than expected...fever was bad and didnt do his homework and got gorunded ....so ill work on it as soon as i can...im on now cause nobody is home shhh
  7. new site?

    anyone planning on making a new site using freds info...and contributing to it?...if so id love to help manage the site and other things...if nobody is planning on it...then i shall start in a week if nobody declares they are ya most people probably dont know me either...im kinda old..i guess..but not a huge poster or talker...and if anyone who would like to help go ahead and ask..im pretty sure im going to though all EG's are saying i should... o yes...what web host should i use if i do...?? any suggestions
  8. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring

    uhhh someone forget about gollum? i mean come on lol...somebody has to be him!
  9. Guess someone's name!

    haha what was the corn one? and the stone one?
  10. driving woohoo

    i knew u guys would be excited for me lol....yeah fun stuff u guys
  11. driving woohoo

    hahah my dad taught me how to drive a stick shift...its not easy the first time but once u get used to it u can get moving lol...i almost hit this guy with a trailer and he was carrying a lawn mower ....but yeah it was fun got all the way to 5th gear or drive..w/e it was fun lol
  12. oooo u'll be surprised

    its not what it sounds like! lol...its more like a dancing banana man!! HAHA THEN PUSH control+n about 20 times lol! try here 2..lol! http://www.ebaumsworld.com/peanutbutter.shtml
  13. CO's amazing race

    hey ill have fun ill see if i can get a guild m8 to have some fun with me lol 8gmt? whats that eastern us time?
  14. help for a n00b

    the old nite!! haha ur coming to el...lucky u ive seen u couple times in rs but i dont play that ne more...im hooked on el instead lol....download game then start it up all i got to say
  15. 100 million giveaway!

    im in so count me in lol