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  1. MythicDragon

    That was a mistake. When you said "aagh I cant store" I didn't really understand what you were talking about, store what? The axe? so I just said 'lol'. I'd be happy to give you 1800gc right now. Sorry about that
  2. New NPC locations

    Found it.
  3. New NPC locations

    Where do you get book of health essence??
  4. Stats

    Should be able to buy stats 4$ for 1 level of any skill of your choice :lol:
  5. Do You Need Gc, Fast?

    I am trustworthy, what did I ever do you Shivar? Heretic where do you remember me from? I dont even remember doing any business with you or anything, but I might be wrong whatever Yeah, I'd have to agree with Crannog :lol:
  6. Do You Need Gc, Fast?

    PM me ingame and we can negotiate.
  7. Do You Need Gc, Fast?

    I have recently seen many people change to p2p class races and they look pretty nice. But I cannot spend money on this game, therefore I am asking someone to buy p2p class for me, I will pay them reasonably. PM me ingame I'm not sure if this is the right section, but whatever
  8. People of USA, watch out

    *Runs to Placid's house* *closes door* *finds Lord_Vermor with his car inside *
  9. Other MMORPGs

    Yes, I have already tried Allegiance - yet there is a problem. It won't allow me to log into lobby
  10. People of USA, watch out

    You can't drive to England, right? *calls the Royal British Air Force*
  11. Other MMORPGs

    Hehe lol. Nice one Systema. I tried Planeshift, its pretty cool, except it pretty hard. Any help is accepted
  12. Selling Book of General Axe Construction

    Ok, if you are going to bid, please try to big at least 1K at a time.
  13. Selling Book of General Axe Construction

    ...It's a start.
  14. Other MMORPGs

  15. Other MMORPGs

    Lol man! The thing is, my CP and connection are both SUPER fast! :lol: