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  1. weak wtf team

    116/117 range 52, mule 11, er perk
  2. To: PKG From : olenthered

    poor little girly. looks like you have really big problems in your life. have you ever thought about consolidating a psychiatrist? love greetings arxan
  3. All sto must go

    i trade for 1 binding stone or 2k bones
  4. CalsoniC

    he was trustworthy and honourable? wether you are or you are not trustworthy and he is not. Mind explaining what you meant? you are talking to me? rofl
  5. CalsoniC

    you can do nothing they do it because they can do it. most of them bought high lvl chars and now they are able to do that. it is like skiddies using other peoples work not nice but you cant do anything. ban from bots will not help a lot of ppl trade with them anyway. flaming dont help thats troll-feeding and thats what they want. best thing to do is ignore them so it is even a mistake to post here you did not offend anyone i think. only wondered that you speak for that guy
  6. CalsoniC

    Circe according to this i should ask dubro to join fellowship because he was always nice to me.... no i care about how people treat others and i thought you also do. Was the only reason i replied to this thread. Nuff said like the hulk would say *edited my mobile phone posted double
  7. CalsoniC

    he was trustworthy and honourable? wether you are or you are not trustworthy and he is not. They asked in chan 6 for help, people helped and got nothing? i call that a bad action and people doing that are bad persons. sorry circe i dont understand why you write here and defend such an assh... pretty dissapointed
  8. Selling armors/weapons

    I offer 1K gc for all stuff, but only if you also give names of ppl you stole from so i could give it back.
  9. scammer kilo55

    [21:11:13] [PM from kilo55: best investment of my life 300 gc for 12000] hi kilo sorry you are wrong from now on only outlaw guilds will accept you. you will be banned from most bots, no instance teams will take you ever, nobody helping you in invances or return your deathbag in future... really good investment lol
  10. Calsonic - BEWARE!

    Quis? Quid? Ubi? Quibus auxiliis? Cur? Quomodo? Quando?
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    i would like to order 20k red roses please
  12. Thermal serpent sword

    do you really think that you are smarter than people that play nice? it is about karma not IQ.. but you will never understand that hf in your fecking life . the player life did the right thing thats the good news.
  13. Thermal serpent sword

    for all who not know. he bagjumped someone on no rosto day. i think this is an important information because not all want to buy from bagjumpers
  14. scales for arrows

    sold ingame
  15. scales for arrows

    Hello i sell 40 rd-scales for 4200 pk arrows. If you want to pay gc the 40 scales cost 154k but i would prefer arrows