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  1. EXP Boosters

    HEAR ME OUT! So we discussed in game the idea of exp boosters that could be bought from the Cash Shop. Essentially this would be a great way for the dev team to make money, and it would REALLY help out those who are unable to put in large amounts of hours into the game but would still like to grind out some levels. Basic Idea - A reasonable increase in EXP gained for crafting, fighting, alch, pvp etc etc. - This boost would last for X amount of time, and then dissolve. - Would NOT stack with dailies, special events, or quest rewards. - Only usable once every 24 hours to prevent abuse. So far the only real argument I have heard is that it would cheapen the work of grinding out your levels, however not everyone has large amounts of time to spend in the game every single day, and would still like to play towards their levels when they have the time. At most we are talking about shaving off a few hours here and there, and it would be a HUGE boon to the income for the devs.
  2. very old players

    I know my forum join date is roughly 4-5 months after I had already started playing.
  3. very old players

    Nobody, old here...
  4. android client?

    I would give my left manhood, all my toes, and actually pay a monthly subscription for this.
  5. Summoning Stone Service

    What is this? -Simply put, this is the cheapest way for you to get your summoning stones made, PERIOD. How Much Does It Cost? -I am offering this service free of charge, asking only that you provide the ingredients for each stone set you wish to be made. (That means everything required to mix them) I will take care of my own food. Which summoning stones can you make? I Currently Offer The Following 1. Bear Summoning Stone 2. Armed Male Orc Summoning Stone 3. Giant Spider Summoning Stone 4. White Tiger Summoning Stone NOTE: I can attempt to make other stones if you so desire, but the possibility of failure is MUCH higher. Important Rules 1. Orders Placed here on the forums are preferred, however if you do not have an account, you may contact me in game via my name; DrMadFellow 2. I can only fill 3 active orders at once! However I will set up a queue so that you are helped accordingly and timely. 3. Once you are added to the active list I will send you a gossip message or speak to you directly if you are online. 4. If I am unable to contact you or I do not hear from you for 48 (in real life) hours, then you will be moved to the back of the queue and the next person will be activated. 5. I am NOT responsible for failures in the mixing proccess and I will NOT replace any lost ingredients. 6. You are responsible for providing me with all materials needed for the stones, if there are materials leftover when your order is filled, the leftovers will be returned to you. ACTIVE LIST 1. 2. 3. QUEUE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. .....
  6. Map Editor Download

    There is a bug with the ctrl+b function when you click "ruins", there is no back feature, forcing you to restart the editor to back up. THis bug was in the old editor as well.
  7. Map Editor Download

    TY SO MUCH ROJA! I've been bugging ent about this for weeks ^__^. You just made me very happy!
  8. Buying: Steel Long Swords

    Buying steel long swords, 700g ea. Bulk of 20 or more ONLY! Contact me ig, DrMadFellow
  9. Raw Meat Auction

  10. Client Freezes My Computer

    The Problem -I run el for 5-10 minutes and my computer completely freezes and the only way I can unfreeze is a hard restart. This is a VERY recent problem. What I know -I have installed nothing that could be causing this. -It freezes twice as fast if I have other apps open. -El is the ONLY program that this happens with. -There is nothing in the EL error log, nor should there be, the whole screen is frozen solid when it happens. What I tried so far -Updating GFX Drivers -turning off eye candy/using poor man -running el in compatibility mode for vista and xp -running el in admin mode -System Restore -Complete deletion and reinstilation of EL My DXDIAG for your reference I beseech you to help me figure out what the hell is going on!
  11. Boycott Learner

    So baically this topic is pretty much ridiculous. Did anyone complain when I bought 50+ rost stones and sold them for under market price? No, the fact is that the rost stone market is probably the most fluctual of all the markets. THere are so many options on where or how to buy one that asking for a steady price is borderline ridiculous. Boycotting learner will not allow your prices to drop. In fact its nearly IMPOSSIBLE for learner to affect the market by doing what he did. I can right now buy 25 ros stones from ent and sell them for 1k each if I wanted to, and I could "ruin the market" right? WRONG! The market is set by what the people who need the items are willing to pay, if pk'ers are willing (or not willing) to pay 50k for a rost then there is little to nothing that any one player by themselves can do to affect the market. Quit whining GTFO learner's back and only pay for rost what you are willing to pay, I PROMISE you will find somone selling at the price you are willing to pay (within reason).
  12. I Summoned

    Isn't it against the rules to summon on ip? :-X
  13. Screenshot Thread

    haha I may have gotten carried away.
  14. Screenshot Thread

    Hooray! I can summon fluffies now!
  15. EITC - East Iridia Trading Company

    You can also contact me IG, I am co-leader of the guild. Ask any of the members I am more than willing to help new players get a foothold in the game. ig name rasberrybeard. I am also in charge of most administrative duties, and will be creating a bot and guild map for the guild once I return from field duty in about 2 weeks. JOIN US!