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  1. Kicken

    Hi, I'll ask in the name of Kicken, since he is not able to create a account here on the forums. Why is he banned? (I guess he knows why, but just to make sure) And how long will he be banned? Thats all, greetings, Ecke
  2. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    Somehow these pictures remind me of Dra-Syn or Iscalrith (south-west), because of the many caves there.
  3. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    My last straw: The coordinates of the hyperbag are the ones of the picture: I know it is there which is White Stone - Forest of the Fall [694,663] But what map?
  4. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    Today WiSEon_DAYshINe mentioned the NPC Oscar in NC says something about: Killing the Ice Dragon in Hulda might be another clue.
  5. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    In that binary decoded thing we have: ...#246#... On my numpad this would be: 2 = down, 4 = left, 6 = right so the missing number is 8 = up. Earlier in the text it says: ...start at eightnum+8s... so eightnum = up = NC (from Rhonans Post) +8s could mean 8 steps south. Nordcarn [98,132] +8 south = Nordcarn [98,124] But no hyperbag there.
  6. Alt Key getting stuck

    Ok, thanks for the replies. And sorry for posting again, I didn`t find a similar post in the Bugs section, didn`t consider the Help section.
  7. Alt Key getting stuck

    Hello, I have been mixing, eating with Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+2) and chatting while doing so. And suddenly when trying to type n, r and keys like that, they wont appear, but enable Ranging-lock, toggle Names... etc. So my guess is, that the Alt-Key got stuck. Even i didn`t use it at all. Its only on EL, not on Windows. Any Ideas?
  8. Bug in Haidir normal quest

    Yeah, but I dont want to turn that quest in, yet.
  9. Bug in Haidir normal quest

    No I did not. I get that message on every Creature I have to kill for Haidir, even the ones for his daily quest
  10. Hey, I recently killed all the Black Bears for Haidir Pest Quest. And got the Message that every Bear is dead. But I didnt return to Haidir yet. Now everytime I kill the Armed Male Goblin in Tarsengard, the one at the Magic school, I get this Message: You killed all the bears, go back to the Terminator. Didnt try yet, if that Message appears after killing the other goblin in Tarsengaard, too. Here is a screenshot: Picture of Bug
  11. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Here is my logfile from main_5ec.log after EL crashed. http://paste.posativ.org/K4KNBhGp
  12. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Okay, updated my Driver. But I have a Laptop with a hybrid grafics card, and the 280.x drivers dont support that. I updated to 189.97. Then played a bit. Then again the game crashed, when i tried to put something in a bag in WS. Anything im doing wrong?
  13. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Hey, trying the OpenGL 2.0 Client from the 15th August on Windows 7. Suddenly my graphic-card driver crashed. Windows restarted it, but then Eternal Lands was frozen. First time it happend I cant exactly remember what I did, but I was in White Stone. Second time I was in White Stone, and wanted to put something in a bag. My graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 330m running with driver version 189.86 Greetings Ecke