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  1. Pratik - ip ban, locked

    Thank you very much. once again I would like to apologise for my actions and say that I WON'T make the same mistake again.
  2. Pratik - ip ban, locked

    Hi, one month ago, on the 19th of July I was banned. I am back now and hoping to get my account unlocked please. Once again I am sorry for what I've done and i guess i deserved it anyways. Thanks. Pratik
  3. Pratik - ip ban, locked

    No actually honestly my first character is Pratik. I haven't played before. Why do you question that may I ask?
  4. Pratik - ip ban, locked

    yes i read the pinned post in the bans section I know have been nasty in game, even though I only played for approximately 2 weeks. But I still had to apologise to what I did as my actions have made me feel guild and also that it is my duty to try to fix my mess. Im really sorry for what I did in game and can assure you it won't happen again. I will come back in one month's time and join the community again, and not cause anymore trouble Thank you Pratik.
  5. Pratik - ip ban, locked

    Hi, I would like to apologise for my actions towards Eternal Land and for my illegal multiplaying. I would also like to congratulate you guys on the achievement of this wonderful game where there is a large and very friendly community who love helping each other. I have been playing for a bit over 2 weeks and I'm already loving it. Great job. Now to what I have done. I thought I could get away with it. I thought i could be smart enough to illegal multiplay and no one would know. Yet i still had fear in me while i did it. I just found it really hard to make money at start and also to level. At some days I played a continuous more then 12 hours and took advantage of the Day of Joule and stayed up a whole night mixing. But then, when my levels started to grow i found it easier and actually found it more fun. I tried holding myself back from illegal multiplay but i guess I just couldn't. I am terribly sorry for what i have done and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I understand that this programming has taken a lot of time, to achieve such a huge and wonderful goal, and that people like me are wasting your time by being nasty in game, and stopping the you guys from making this game and community better. I hope you can forgive me and allow me to get back to my friends and the wonderful community of Eternal Lands, and enjoy the rest of the wonderful things that I yet haven't seen. I promise i won't make the same mistake again and I will follow the rules. sorry for writing so much but i believe it is my duty to say what has happened and to apologise for my actions. Thank you for your time. Pratik.