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    in a land with no and mr snuggles the llama is king
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    saving the world from squirrels and listening to rock and worrying about my air
  1. How did you come up with your EL name?

    i just watcghed lotr right before the game........
  2. FUN Forums with games!

    this place is t3h best
  3. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    i like the middle finger and the first the middle........
  4. FUN Forums with games!

    <----------pinball champ
  5. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    talking about some1 putting a tites and beer shirt on there kid i dont think i would be caught doing that or any1 else but it is funny and yes the middle one is obviously photoshoped
  6. Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

    like the last and the middle thats what i call random
  7. head count

    4100 but im a math whiz
  8. Ember's Damaged Tit Chain Auction!

    lmao this is funny and chatter remind me not to sell anything
  9. Monsters & Weapons & Armor!

    just a thought but maybe u should add clubs and stuff really cheap for newbies also siths!
  10. chickengeorge

    so u lost deal with it if u ask me i think it was a great idea i mean its like he said battle tactics man its kinda annoying i see things like this alot on outlaws its a game u will lose fights i died so many times i got a reserved spot in the underworld if ur that uptight then play something else...
  11. Why Would You Do This Justice Knight

    lol i was joking around then u made threats in pm and plus i was warning mrmind on msn not ever saying hes a scamer but some1to be careful of because hes made threeats how he got off that hes a scammer wasnt my doing
  12. Monster Invasions

    look at logiscom escape the scene of the crime with my detective skills i have summed up he summoned them!!!......or maybe spawn went nuts
  13. Are you a Nerd?

    uhum sure.....
  14. Are you a Nerd?

    32.4 nerd in training so i guess im not a nerd.....works for me
  15. Falcon_eye2

    well u need proof please give us ur chatlogs for proof