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  1. Sweden

    Hmm, kommer ihåg att det brukade finnas ett par fler svenskar, dom har väll slutat lira som jag >.< TROP!
  2. Corpus Opis *CO*

    Since when did we become PK? >.O
  3. Lets get together

    We should all go get freaky at Trops place! w00t!
  4. Old EL Screenshots.

    To lazy to find my screenies
  5. Reunion!

    Meeeeep! I'll go take a piss in trops mailbox... I mean notify him.. -.- or smth
  6. Night Elf in the Orc capital! ^^
  7. today is chinese new year.

    Year of the monkey...
  8. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    What he said! ^^
  9. Www.corpus-opis.com

    Nuu~1111~~ 111!! Ojdah! Den topicen kom visst på toppen igen... hoppsan.. >.>
  10. Word association

    Danny DeVito...
  11. Word association

    James Bond
  12. Word association

  13. The ominous question...

    How's you and math? rofl!!
  14. Word association

    pubic hair...
  15. Word association

    bent over
  16. Goodbye all

    We still haven't forgotten that we lost Skåne, Halland and Blekinge... But seeing that they can't even speak understandable swedish, we'll let you keep them. We got ripped off! Can't we like trade em for greenland? ^^
  17. Www.corpus-opis.com

    Trop is teh newb! XD
  18. Automixing.

    Love you!
  19. New interface

    This game aint all about pk tho ^^ I like it. GJ
  20. Goodbye all

    Omg, you guys have an army?! j/k Hope it's not all to boring and I'm hoping to ee ya soon again.
  21. You know your a n00b when...

    You know you're a newb if you joined after when there's more than 3 different things to kill and you dont spawn my the docks when you're killed... rofl! ^^

  23. Man..

    She actually KNOWS what she's writing about
  24. Runescape Vs. Eternal Lands!

    El feels more "solid" in some kinda way... RS has more items quests and skillz but EL isnt even in p2p yet!