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  1. 100 million giveaway!

    i'm in!!! i think.. i just saw 100 million and... $_$
  2. Sam shut up, just coz you haven't lvled your stats in ages
  3. that would trouly SUCK... not the stats... yes, strip the items (rather not but.. ) not the stats....that would be suckish... (
  4. Bug near Portland storage

    i've told mooner about like months ago... :roll:
  5. Double "me"

    Or...make more copies, make an army of yourself and kill trik and his army, steal his money and live happy for ever......until ent makes a new trik...
  6. im mr.NEEDEY

    i've read the manual so we're friends now roja? yay!! *dances around* now please can i have some mod powers? plz plz pzl! i wanna boot Mr.E.... :lol:
  7. new and relly want to make a map!

    let's spam mooner with crappy maps! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  8. the doom cape is black it increases your chance of a critical hit with 15 percent if i recal correctly.. : )) there's no lvl requirement either but they are monster drops only which makes the price quite high... (unless you got like beaver furs.. lmao )
  9. Buying doom cape

    she didn't buy the cape with beaver fur cash, that's for sure.... 8) Btw, i didn't sell her the cape... FYI
  10. Selling fur related items

    I want rabbit furs! : )) 400 gp each? lets say 500....
  11. Mystics Spearheading CO

    yoo...spare me mate... O.O i'm the EL puppy!! you can't kill me! :? chill... 8)
  12. aren't we supposed to write the coordinates and like send em to mooner or roja so they can make the .def file? O.O
  13. Summoning + Magic

    summoning is G-A anyway.... making ppl lag at storages.... evul i say!
  14. ...

    i Kind of know him if that counts!
  15. Hey Ent...im still banned from the forums..

    Roc man! how'ya been? pm me ingame and i'll give ya a serp : ) for old times sake ; ) dang dawg, come back play!!!!
  16. has anyone suggested that...

    Ent.. a serp IS like 5 gp... i've seen serp sell for 850 k and that's nothing... that's only 170 beaver furs... killing 170 beavers is like lvling up 10 lvls for a noob....
  17. Player Names

    *puts some nasty bugs and insects in Mr. E's pants..* Done!
  18. LMFAO

    :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. I'm in dire need of mind rest pots so i'm willing to pay 500 gp each if you selling larger quantity (1000+) If less, 400 gp each. If you wanna make a deal, pm me ingame; Aepox
  20. ...

    Why don't you stock up on like some basic equipment? if some member loses his/hers they can grab one from there
  21. Walk Through Moutain

    lol..... :lol:
  22. Corpus Opis

    ...... i'm old vart..... sigh, today's youth. hmpf!
  23. The fall of the Rangers.

    Sad tale...
  24. Nederlander si teh banned

    lmao!!! :lol: :lol: