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  1. What kinda music you listen to?

    I listen to all music.... 8)
  2. Lyanna...lmao : ))

    wow, my inboxs is full now, thanks guys ^^
  3. Show a pic of yourself!

    Lol sammie ^^ go back to rs!! j/k we miss you
  4. Show a pic of yourself!

    Aki hosted a pic fer me! wie!! a bit old but....here we go
  5. See how smart you are!!

    my just wont stick!
  6. sorry i've been gone

    Cicer! :shock: Let's all slap Cicer...for being ignorant, unless he makes lots and lots of quests (or whoever is programing them).
  7. My iguana died

    Very....deep? Sorry fer your loss Cicer... lost my dog like a month ago or something
  8. map-*f ---Ideas about pk maps

    yeah and lure ppl into ambushes
  9. basics of mapmaking

    lol SKA xD
  10. Show a pic of yourself!

    meh... i'll check it out X.x
  11. Crafting...

    You forgot to mention that ring books and medallion books are monsterdrops... goes a hell of alot more cash for the poor newb
  12. Show a pic of yourself!

    Meh, i don't have any place to upload pics X.x anyone know one of those freehosting sites and i'll give y'all some skinn!!! w00t i can't wait ^^
  13. re-release old models

    I got all zip files of... lemme check.. 000_500 to like.... 000_780 ^^ If someone got a server or something...
  14. Nordcarn bugs

    I think that RP included some booze.. they WERE at a tavern remember?
  15. Solving Economy Problem

    Flexo you bi....bigamist? ehm... not flames section almost forgot Make the level to wear serp like att+def = 100 (yes i'm lvl 50/50.. ^^
  16. Client wishlist

  17. Monster drops

    I dunno if it was a bug... but i felt like killing something so i i took a killing trip.. so... after a while i got a serp but the monster didn't hit me which they usually do. Well.. after like 2-3 hours i had loads of drops; 5 steel chains 4 steel 2 edgers 3 serps 1 tit chain and books... is that normal with that many drops?
  18. It is all in a name.........

    Well... since i started playing computergames i've always had Neo as a nick (eep, not from the matrix) and ppl always pointed out that it infact was the same name as the leading character in the movie The matrix. So on this one game the name was taken so i though, eyh.. matrix DID have cool names (once i watched i kinda dissliked my name ) but my memory of it was blurry so it became Aepox instead of Apoc which i dun mind.So here i am today.. Aepox wieee
  19. Heritage

    like 99,99% swedish and the rest is french i think xD
  20. Show a pic of your pets!

    petting... O.<
  21. Monster drops

    lol it was below cycs... they live in grubani O.O
  22. Show a pic of your pets!

    it reminds me of my old PE teacher... moo!!! :twisted:
  23. Debate on military & Iraq

  24. Show a pic of your pets!

    LOL jojoman
  25. THe best game=Comander Keen

    Commander Keen owns ^^