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  1. Words That Don't Ryhme

    pornage haha.. XD
  2. A Tale of Vermor Castle

    David Eddings pwns, go lyanna!
  3. selling enrich essence .

    Maybe he was joking? and wanted ppl to laugh...that's the point of jokes... and if he didn't joke that's kinda funny someone would set the price at that high....so...laugh away
  4. Hello...

    No, everyone is mute and you can not cummunicate, u and your team just wander around for like a month (irl) to find something...just to wander 1 more month etc... El rulez
  5. Sorry

  6. Avatar

    shasso hahahahhahaah XD
  7. Auto Harvest Is Legal Right ?

    You can NOT use your clicker while being afk as it counts as macroing. Be kewl, stay in...erhm.. at your monitor..
  8. Anyone Getting Hints?

    And alot are coming back also... i HOPE i'll never quit el... it is nad has been fun watching the development of all ppl, the game etc... hehe... i remember when there was only a handfull players killing foxes.. I bought fox furs of trop for 1 k each... boy those were the days... XD or when that blue lupin bush was at WSC... and everyone sat there to gain cash for iron chain XD sweet times
  9. 3 New Skills

    With "good food" you mean we will be able to spice it with spices etc? That would be cool.... tho.. a little gayish... O.o like... "i killed some trolls, what did you do?" "oh.. i spiced my meat with some curry and some of that..." etc XD
  10. I Can't Open Map Maker!

    U r ~ allowed to do that, slave!
  11. Show a pic of yourself!

    GAP, Gay And Proud...
  12. Show a pic of yourself!

    Uhm ugly? Riiite... Anything except ugly. If you excuse me i gotta go kill a couple of kittens... j/k XD
  13. Anyone Getting Hints?

    *Yawn*... i'm getting gray hairs... i'm so old.. *falls asleep on his throne of old/1337ness*
  14. Should I Become NH?

    !! Go swisch!
  15. Losing Stuff

    He didn't friggen warn me, i lost a WHOLE day... eep! I forgive next tho.. hope others will too
  16. Avatar

    OMG guys..it really is a nice avvy... >.>
  17. A Transfer Boat ! ! !

    You have to have high magic to tele and you gotta have ess to tele too... that costs MONEY. Rings.... well...selfexplanatory, they cost MONEY Boats are free and goes as fast.... i like piwots idea (btw i just capped the money so you guys could see it, i'm not yelling at you Lyanna Lotsa <3 4 U )
  18. Take Away The Mm Perk

    Noobs stealing noob fighters stuff.... >.> MM perk poons thee! Go fight bunnies! booo111~~!
  19. Should I Become NH?

    If i wouldn't actually be in hte noob channel i wouldn't mind, hel requests are teh cool. All the noobs spamming questions is like dejavú all over again or else i'd pester Roja like a maniac.... oh yeah, i can be a pain in teh ass... Roja is lucky i'm so lazy..
  20. Should I Become NH?

    SAM! You were like teh addited NH ^^ I bet you're the only one that has helped more newbies than i... (i've quit doing it, i'm denoobed >.<) I have only seen Lyanna in teh forums but you seem to make sense etc... i'll vote yes
  21. Making Money From The Game.

    ALL HAIL LEARNER!! *Falls on his knees and starts worshiping Learner* First the ants (which poon thee) and now this, yay for this man!
  22. Ph0rk (-_-)

    Old Old forums OWNED as i was the first one to break 100 posts and i was like #33 to register and had a rating of 10... w000h000!! that was teh owzor... i think all oldbies should have access to it so we can feel nostalgic... :lol:
  23. Making Money From The Game.

    Well, cant it be done the way you use the backup chars when the servers are down? I suck at comps and such, but would it be possble to have it like this: When you log out and "save" your char (like when server crashes there are backups) it makes a backup on a server (lets call it "backup server" and the servers we play on "worlds"), when you log on next time you load your "save" from that backup server no matter what "world" you log on to. That way you could log between "worlds"... i think... This is prolly impossible or easier to implement in another way but.. hey! Cant hurt to suggest thingies.
  24. u guys miss me or sumthin?

    i can't help it X.x i'm like afk all the time :lol:
  25. Yet Another El Reset In The Making

    Forve u bastard, come play oh wait... you're the one shutting it down?