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  1. very old players

    Like you? From the old age and getting old aged? Hi gramps and grans!
  2. Phoenix

    to make healing twice as powerful
  3. Phoenix

    3+3*lvl percent to dodge 2+2*lvl percent damage absorption +10%*lvl more HP no exp gained while fighting spells are twice stronger on phoenix why? would make perfect form for tanking invasions/instances and high lvl mobs, but can't do anything alone, you'd need people to deal damage (without weapon you don't deal any damage) and to heal you (you can't heal yourself). No xp gained to avoid abuse. PK uses? annoying people ?
  4. Pin Poll

    You can't kill top mobs alone without using something like pinning ? yes, but why are you against it? why anyone should be able to kill top mob alone in mmorpg ? One shouldn't. So now lets imagine we removed this 'feature', 'bug' or whatever one wants to call this and we have to have more than 1 people to kill it. Little stupid story You need fighter with high lvl and with top armor and weapon that deals dmg of other kind than physical because dragon has too much armor to be hit by sword:Everything is right, imagine killing dragon with piece of wood or steel-impossible. Ok so we need someone to deal some damage while he is busy with me, wait wait busy with me?! i have 300 hp and it hits for 100 and my top grade armor doesn't help at all! But i'm brave lets try anyway, ok hit hit restore hit hit hit restore ok diss tele, yeah i took some hp of him!!! WHAT ? 200hp?! and it has 5500, no way i can do it alone. Ok lets get some weaker people to help me, ya thats good idea. Ok i got some people lets try again....oops i attacked first but he ate all my friends when they attacked. Ok ok lets try one more this time i give them bows and arrows oh and lets try some magic....ok ok works well but now i have to flee because i have no more mana...ok great i'm fine...WHAT?! he ate them all after i fled....ok this time this one will heal me while i fight the dragon ...okok works fine.....WHAT? HELL?! HOW?! oh we got lagged, yeah i have 300 hp he kills me in 3 hits...yes i need more hp...but i can't! i have max i can have...and that one guy wasn't enough to heal me at all, i need 2 at least. Ok 2 healing 1 ranging and i'm tanking ....10min later...yeah we killed the beast now lets check what it dropped....Ohhhhhh dragon scale wonderful! it has be worth millions! it's been so hard to kill this beast...ok lets go to market.....hey does anyone want to buy dragon scale? yes i want to, i will pay you 4k coins. WHAT?! End of little stupid talk Here's an idea! So first of all we need: better drops from mobs we would like to be killed in party 2-nd of all...we need someone with more hp to tank those mobs and someone with ability to keep mob attention on himself while other people kill it, in other game that would be tank with ability to keep aggro on himself. You've been playing with changing form for a while, why not make form that has 5-10 times more hp and HUGE damage reduction like 50%+ and skill that keep mob attention on him. Of course it won't be this 'human' form so he can't use spells-heal himself Now we need someone who can heal our new tank, called cleric in mmorpgs, so now lets make another form, lets call it fairy form, it should have more mana -5-10 times more, like tank's hp and skill that allows him to heal, all kinds of heals, single, himself, group etc etc That are just ideas, they would require lot of work to make it work, but if you want people to be more socialable while killing mobs, thats the way. All the abilities in transformed form should heavily depend on player skill like a/d for tank and magic for healer, not like you can be super strong with 10 lvl char. And....dragons case is lost already make some new monsters with new uber drops P.S. Can't be bother to read it again to check mistakes now will do it later
  5. Jezabeel banned

    As i said before i'm not good at english, so if there is anyone who can translate this, please do. 1.Jezabeel (my girlfriend) isn't guilty. That day she didn't break any EL rule. I saw what she typed and after she had been banned i read the chat logs. None of EL rules was broken, but you can't check it (noobz) and you blindly believe some notes of yours. 2. No one is going to get on his knees and apologize to you, just to sit and harvest all day and work for you 'nygusy' "( I think he meant Nigers but can't be sure)" Get some work! 3. I'm not sorry about making you ban my 8 characters and my IP twice. I had great fun and i don't regret it. 4. None of those would happen if certain phlegmatic (manga fan) didn't set his mind on me (you can check how many time i have been booted by anshar) I was on PK list of PL guild( link http://forum.el-pl.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=599 ) where were 2 mods in Anshar and Creedka(guildmaster) and that is reason of it. I haven't been pking, i was just manuer so no one from PL guild could have killed me. I admin i was making things worse so it's ended like it did. Im aware that none of my 8 characters will be unlocked and i don't even ask for unlock. I posted this just to straighten out few things. i thank you for all the fun and take care Karem. P.S. Oh i'd forget http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=radugz6.jpg ^@^ FTW !!!!!! Screen shows some other game with Guild announcment ' Radu is fuckin' llame' I wonder why i bothered....
  6. unban pls karem

    Maybe i'm not best in english but i know what has been written here and let me say this: i don't indorse any of it, because if i did i'd post from my own account. I won't type in english becase i don't want to make fun of myself, so if anyone would translate it for me.....i thank him in advance ( what i'm doing atm :p) P.S. One has his fans ^^
  7. just try using SR....
  8. hmm and how taking those perks making you unable to make gc by harvesting/mixing ? i don't get it
  9. Mini Harv Events

    This is way off topic. But... must... respond..... Hell yes it is harder! My xp/hour (and xp/hour for all ppl around my level of 112 119 AD) went down from 350K/hour to 290K/hour without TS on feros. Still feros, fluffs yesterday were even worse, 255K/hour. MCW rapes me so no option. DCW is similar xp to to Feros, just more dmg. 105 90 or 100 100 with def god is hardly difference. and you're complaining about xp?!
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k iron ore 35k plx
  11. Mini Harv Events

    Don't forget it's PK map and people can harm you for 100 damage so you have to use MI or TS all time. Thats another 3k gc per hour.
  12. Hyperbags....dung :P

    coords plx
  13. Hyperbags....dung :P

    Added few hints...again One bag left, if its not found untill tomorrow i'll change location....should be a bit easier:p
  14. Hyperbags....dung :P

    ty coords plx
  15. 100 Leonard kills...

    got 5