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  1. A game of Chance

    Heres a sample avatar for you to look at, chance. Please read my PM and respond so I can improve/change it. Enjoy.
  2. Eragon

    I was sick the day it came out...so I made my parents go buy it for me...and finished it before I went to bed. I loved it!
  3. First PSP Post

    They just came out w/ the update that includes the browser...but it is really slow. Slower than typing on your cell fone. but internet on like nothing
  4. First PSP Post

    w00t Usin PSP internet rox :axeman_rune: :battleaxe:
  5. problems...nothing but

    So free...basically new video card...or no EL, correct? Maybe I should try updating my drivers
  6. problems...nothing but

    Errr, what led you to that conclusion? All of my hardware works fine...my drivers work fine in other games...if anything is the problem, ITS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ETERNAL-LANDS....not major hardware/driver problems...... -_- <_< -_-
  7. problems...nothing but

    Heres my error log, if this helps: Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/fontv.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle5.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle6.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle7.bmp I'm pretty sure this isn't the problem though, I have no problem with the textures...just...my monitor gives me a no signal response..
  8. problems...nothing but

    I didn't have it in fullscreen mode, I always play windowed.
  9. problems...nothing but

    I believe that its a 128, and yes, its an "ATI RADEON Xpress 200 series" according to my device manager. As far as I know, programs shouldn't be able to cause a no signal message either... but in this case, something is making my monitor do this when I open sign on to EL Hmm, when I used the TC client on my old computer, there was an added command something like Ati something workaround or something like that. maybe this could be part of it. Just throwing up ideas.
  10. problems...nothing but

    Changed the video mode, opened EL, logged in, opened the forums to tell you thanks and that it worked....got the "no signal" message from my monitor, Also, I think that my keyboard stops responding after this happens. I tried to turn off computer using keyboard, didn't work, tried opening my DVD+RW drive with my keyboard, didn't work either.
  11. problems...nothing but

    I'm pretty sure its not a connection problem, because my monitor works fine, I can leave it on for hours and nothing happens, its only AFTER I log in to EL that it stops. Also, this computer and video card is less than 2 days old...so I doupt my video card is "giving up" However, you know more than me, so is there anything I can do?
  12. Race secpific Items

    Hmmm...this seems a little bit unfair, I chose to be a human, just cuz I like humans...and this seems to tip the balance in favor towards the other races. It doesn't make sense that every other race gets great weapons, spells, but humans get....dirt....I mean, nobody's ever going to use those things..... This would make the humans have to buy all of the "good" items from other races, while making no profits selling their own race specific items.
  13. problems...nothing but

    I just bought a new computer, seeing as my old one died, just got my internet up this morning, and downloaded EL. I installed it fine, opened it, and everything works fine. I type in my User Name/Passy, and then click login. I login, see a glimpse of the rat house, where I was last, and then my monitor goes blank and says No signal. I have a Ati Xtreme 200 or something like that graphics card...
  14. The fall of The Forest of Shadows

    Edit on the story: Since its been a while, I took matters into my own hands and changed the "creatures" into dwarves. The storylines forum seems kinda dead now..so heres my attempt to give it life again.
  15. What a nice chap...

    Lol penni, now I know what you were talking about...now i think DragonGod is way more wierder than I did origionally... Heres another funny one...the things you here sitting in the rat house: yoshimaster: where you here when i otld you... about the aliens?/ Mori_Ranmaru: nope yoshimaster: well yoshimaster: .... will you.. beleive me? Mori_Ranmaru: ...maybe... yoshimaster: .. 2 days ago i was abducted by these strange aliens, they handed me something small and black, i swallowed it deliberetly, then, the next day, i gave birth t yoshimaster: to 2 baby aliens, and i am prepared to protect them and love them when i can Can't use an item after another, you need at least 1 second before [re]using an item. yoshimaster: .. they are beautfiul... Mori_Ranmaru: interesting... Mori_Ranmaru: send me a pic yoshimaster: .. everyone asks that and still, i have no digital camera Mori_Ranmaru: dang yoshimaster: = ( yoshimaster: one.. has very sharp teeth yoshimaster: .. and the other.. has a long spiky tail.. (*) Mori_Ranmaru summoned a Fox yoshimaster: ... yoshimaster: i love them... yoshimaster: .. Mori_Ranmaru: lol Mori_Ranmaru: wow Mori_Ranmaru: stupid fox Mori_Ranmaru: come over here... Mori_Ranmaru: there we go yoshimaster: ... yoshimaster: i got whiplashed... lastnight.. by the tailed one.. and bitten.. by the tooth one... theyre so playful... No player with such name! Mori_Ranmaru: lol yoshimaster: .. my bud, killerkeith.. lived up to his name... he said take a swiss knife to their heads... or punch them.. todeath... yoshimaster: ill.. NEVER.. do it.. i love thjem to much... (*) Mori_Ranmaru summoned a Fox yoshimaster: ... yoshimaster: so.. do you beleive me? Mori_Ranmaru: I do...in a kinda wierd way yoshimaster: .. what do you mean>? Mori_Ranmaru: Its kindof unbelivable...but I kinda believe it and kinda don Mori_Ranmaru: 't yoshimaster: i see... yoshimaster: because... its true.. Mori_Ranmaru: I wanna believe it...but my mind is not really letting me.. #GM from SirDan: im guna log off for a bit #GM from SirDan: ill be back soon tho Can't use an item after another, you need at least 1 second before [re]using an item. yoshimaster: ..... all i need... is someones name.. theni can send... the .. aliens to implant... an egg into.. the person.. i say Can't use an item after another, you need at least 1 second before [re]using an item. yoshimaster: ... keith doesnt belive me.. but theres one inside him.. now too... yoshimaster: ...... come on... whats your name... mori_ranmaru: .......................... Mori_Ranmaru: Mori