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  1. IP Banned?

    To The_Piper, It was me that was online up until early June, and to that point, I personally was not made aware of possible infractions at any point during the past months leading up to June. To Elveron, Based on that time stamp, that is very likely; I didn't make a very strong password years ago because I was certain no one on EL would have the interest to hack into my character. That seems to be not the case now and I willingly accept full responsibility of my weak password. I will change it if allowed to.
  2. IP Banned?

    I'm not entirely sure to be honest. If records show that I've logged in within the past month, then it wasn't me. No friends or family of mine irl play the game nor have I made any friends in EL over the past couple years thus leading me to never give out my password. My track record over the years up until this point has been clean, and I will try to cooperate fully to resolve this. I do know that I've been working all summer and have stopped playing as a result. The last time I logged in, I was harvesting iron in Naralik to make spirit ess, which was some time ago. Even though I haven't been PM'ed by a mod ever, if this was due to an accusation of macroing, then I would've noticed one of you PMing me because I don't macro. I have no other characters created, and have respected all rules regards to channel guidelines as well as respecting others. I have no intention of lying to you or trying to use a different IP; I want to understand what happened, and if someone has figured out my password, then I will accept and take full responsibility of that and the resulting punishment. But I wish to know why the character was banned. Please.
  3. IP Banned?

    Just wondering why OverTom got IP banned? Haven't logged on in a couple months and I was in good standing before I took a break.
  4. I had this same problem yesterday, except I was just killing rats for no quest reason. I did the NC bears, and then every rat I killed after I got the quest prompt.