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  1. Later on, will it be possible for people to use the keyboard to move? Just moving, not attacking.
  2. The flute from the Dark Crystal should be added. It could have unlimited or limited uses. One of its abilites could be giving hope, which would equal healing or boosted strength. It could also be used to have non summoned wild animals fight for you. The world of the Crystal Shard is exceedingly stunning and beautiful. Jen looking down at Ur-ru valley, the boat scene, etc. We need to have something from that kick azz, classical Fantasy movie in Eternal Lands. If you want to talk about The Dark Crystal: NO spoilers!
  3. The Dark Crystal idea

    It is one of the best, most evocatitive movies of all time. you have your (wrong) opinion and i have my (right) opinion. Your opinion will not change my judgement and views toward "The Dark Crystal". "Wings! I don't have wings!" "Of course not. You're a boy."
  4. The Dark Crystal idea

    The flute is from one of the most phenomenal movies of all time. This game needs something from that movie in it. It also requires less animation to play the flute then moving the violin bow.
  5. New race idea

    Add in the Gelfling from "The Dark Crystal", but the height would have to be different though.
  6. New race idea

    Could Gelflings be added to the game? To the people who have seen "The Dark Crystal" : http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...p?p=21226#21226
  7. Guild commands

    How do privalege points work? For example, what can you do with 10 privalege points?
  8. short RP

    In this I'm roleplaying a Gelfling. IC: I walk through the forest, find a spot, and sit down. I pull out my flute and start playing. After awhile, I get up, and go off to find a Landstrider. When I find one, I get on top of it and then I go on a ride through the forest. OOC: If you want to find out what this is about, go here: http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...p?p=21226#21226
  9. The Dark Crystal idea

    For the flute, there would be two main things that you could do: 1. Playing it to do something, like a temp. strength increase. But if you play it to much, you have to stop playing for a while before you could play it again. 2. Playing it without causing anything to happen. Putting together sound combinations and writing your own songs. Playing it this way wouldnt affect its energy, meaning you can play it normally as much as you want, and you will still have energy to use its abilites. Even if you're out of energy, you could still play it just to create music. When you make up a song, you could save it. People should have the ability to play it back without having to press keys to play it, so their fingers don't get tired. Record a song, and play it manually with the keys or automatically. With number 2, playing a certain song could cause flowers or trees to glow. The song needed could depend on what flower you're trying to make glow. Doing this would be just like playing it normally, it wouldn't use up any of the flute's power. People could also play their own songs together, creating a small orchestra. To the people who have seen "The Dark Crystal" : The Podling village scene?
  10. Gelflings should be in the free version so everyone could play as them. for my *idea*, anyone should be able to use it, not just Gelflings.
  11. The Dark Crystal idea

    You could just play on the flute if you wanted to and not have anything special happen. Players could make their own songs.
  12. Add in the Gelfling from "The Dark Crystal", but the height would have to be different though. If you've seen "The Dark Crystal", go here, an idea for a new item: *hint*music...*hint* http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...p?p=21226#21226
  13. The Dark Crystal idea

    If it's not that powerful, you could use it as many times as you wanted to. But if it was to powerful, you would need to let it "recharge" before you could use it again, without using mana. The actual flute shouldn't go away from the inventory.
  14. How do I change the time in the editor? And how do I easlily line up a light above exact coordinates without having to move the mouse .01 place at a time?
  15. lag with shadows

    After I got the 9.5 update, whenever I turned on shadows, the game lagged a lot and shadows were automatically disabled. Before I got the 9.5 update, shadows worked and the game didn't lag. Please help.
  16. lag with shadows

    Even if the framerate is over 100, it still lags a lot when I turn on shadows and when the shadows are automatically disabled, it goes back to normal.
  17. white rabbits

    There should be more then one spawn for white rabbits or they should just stay in Tree Town. It takes to long for them to respawn, people should be able to do quests by themselves without taking an obscense amount of time. It could take a month to do the granny quest without relying on other people because of the time it takes to kill a white rabbit which could be anywhere in Whitestone. People have to wait, hoping that it gets killed so it can respawn. Never mind the fact that they have to leave at 03:30:00, so they lose three hours, so getting white rabbit furs take longer. If they had more then one spawn point, then that would speed up people getting them so they can do the quest faster. If they stayed in Tree Town, then they would be killed faster, speeding up the time it takes to do the quest.
  18. white rabbits

    It shouldn't take that long to do a simple quest by yourself. People shouldn't have to rely on other people to do easy quests.
  19. white rabbits

    I waited for over 30 min. in tree town two days ago by the spawn point, nothing. The quest is to hard, you should be able to do it by yourself without having to rely on other people. Easy quests you be able to do by yourself, hard quests should have the option of relying on other people.
  20. a story

    I'm writing a story about a war bewtween the Elves and two other races. "Three black skinned orcs rushed two staff Elves, one Elf parried and brought it around to cave in the Orc’s skull, dropping it, while the other orcs both swung their axes diagonal at the other Elf."
  21. a story

    I'm not going to post the second Chapter. Why? Because I'm going to have the book published, and I don't want to ruin it for people who might read it after it gets published. I'm going to keep the first Chapter up.
  22. ideas

    It's fantasy, so that stuff can be in it. This stuff would come after those other things were done.
  23. a story

    I put it back up.
  24. a story

    Because of the errors in it, I'm going to proofread it again.
  25. a story

    sorry about that. That happens sometimes with my host's server.