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    Ingame name:Jerro <br />Visit www.freewebs.com/stuff_for_sell/. <br />Its eBay for EL!

    Ok, post ur ingame names and the one which was your name b4 the crash (if you played) I am: Jerro Was: Iway
  2. XXX

    Yeah i killed n00b zed b4, i got his greaves.
  3. forum game

    meh go 4
  4. Eternal Fantasy

    dude can u add King_Michael and Iway as thieves or partners in crime or something:) tho we never did it, it would be funny as km tried occasionally to pk n00bs.
  5. The hall of shame

    well i think you should stop abusing each other. If u cheated u deserve to get stats reduced. If your cheating, like enyo has been accused, then u will eventually get caught. Stop trying to get ppl banned for things you are not 100% sure of. Pls - GET A GRIP, its a blimin game ffs.
  6. bahador

    well maverick, how long have u not played emd for? the current emd killed me (jerro)when we were "training" and then noobed up and joined *CO*. bs piece of @!$&! anyway hope u get char back.
  7. Unicorns

    i have an idea: BAD THINGS: 1.You dont get any exp for fighting Unicorns. 2.You lose exp the longer you fight one. 3.They hit hard. 4.They get 2 attacks in the time of 1 a player would do. 5.For the next 20 in game hours you are on, you get no exp from harvesting, alchemy or manufacture. GOOD THINGS: 1.It would always drop a Unicorn horn, Unicorn fur and Unicorn hoove. 2.Its kinda like an high lvl monster that it drops good things randomly (Like serp) but it rarely and always drops the things in 1. like a rabbit. 3.New items would be : - Titanium serp sword of Light - Basically a Tit serp thats better than thermal and ands goodness and that stuff. Cloak of Enlightenment - When worn you can't fight or summon in. You get 1/4 of the exp of whatever you making added on as well. e.g Making HE - get 100exp per - now get 125 per. Torso of hope - Basically a white fur torso. Allows you to create Light Essence which is used in spells etc.. Also allows you to wear Serp of light and Uni blade at same time. Unicorn blade - Powerful sword - To make requires : 1 Unicorn fur, 1 Unicorn Horn, 1 Unicorn hoove, 10 Light ess, 1 Enriched light ess, 2 serp stones and an EWE EDIT: Serp of light and Unicorn blade can both be worn at same time if no sheild is worn. In different hands of course.
  8. If Corpus aint hard enough to be in PK.....

    ahh he will eventually get his ass kicked, by corpus or a *co* member.
  9. Potion of Extra Mana

    no perk 2 EM in 180 srs, lucky.
  10. Buying STUFF! Selling STUFF!

    ill buy an isof for 30k also:) pm me here or Jerro ingame.
  11. Some ques.

    Well that why i will only let people i know to be trustworthy selling things on the site, ill try to change the name and caulm thanks:)
  12. Some ques.

    If anyone wants to see it, there isnt much but its created: http://www.freewebs.com/stuff_for_sell/
  13. Selling 1 Iron Broad of Ice

  14. Enyo pwns -EF- !

    EF r cool, if u pwned them - i dont like u.
  15. Some ques.

    Right ok. ty