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  1. Repairable Dragon Armor

    I voted yes. I think dragon armor should be repairable as any other type of armor. if you choose one path of item repair you should stick to it i believe. Fear is bad. Fear of too many good armor in the game. Fear of lower income. Let there be no fear, let there be only fun. Make EL attractive to players again. That's it to make it go forward. And im back if you didnt notice. Over five years since i started. Now make good things happen to us Radu, make us happy again, not sad when we found out there's nothing out there worth playing more and more and loosing our real lives because of el oh and almost loosing love of our lives for too many times. Balancing and making people weaker is wrong. Balancing is for making people equal witch is another utopia. They do it like maniacs in blizzard but I somehow quit playing wow. Well not really sure if it makes any sense what i just wrote. Sorry for eventual offtopic. Cheers from frozen-but-not-ever-surrendering Poland. That was a good wine Ziutek.
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Mortex - 2k iron ore (7k gc). Thank you.
  3. Auction - 5 Rostos

    Is the auction still going on? Its already sunday here in europe...
  4. Auction - 5 Rostos

  5. One character per person at a time

    IMO inflation is caused by lowering rates for certain resources like enriched essies and rostos for example so more ppl are forced to buy them from shop. Unfortunatelly supply of items bought from shop is not enough and relation USD to gc is causing these items to be expensive which in turn increases costs for production (like EFE cost) and training (rosto cost). Maybe little offtopic or maybe not. As for the voting - I abstain.
  6. Auction: Book of thermal sword

    Gratz Shea book is yours if you care to fetch it
  7. Hi. Starting price: 100k Bid increase: 5k minimum Also accepted (to some extent): He - 7gc Sr - 14gc.
  8. cant get on to el

    Try looking into el.ini and disabling all graphics effects. Backup your el.ini file in case that doesn't do the trick so u can just replace it. My friend has the same problem guild bot says he logs in and then logs out must be something with graphics unfortunatelly we cant contact him :/. You can also try and update your graphic card driver.
  9. which linux to use for el?

    Ubuntu 8.04 works nice on athlon 1.6 and 256 mb ram even with 2 clienst on, firefox and communicator program.
  10. And you are a ...

    Most of time I do train a/d and go to pk once per week or two. But im in top 50 pk score which makes me pker probably :/
  11. Auction:Night Visor

    Ingame offer of 35k Edit: sold ingame for 35k.
  12. Auction:Night Visor

    Hi. I'm auctioning night visor (helps you see in dark conditions). Start price: 15k Buy now: 60k Time: not defined yet. Happy bidding Edit: SOLD
  13. Mage class idea

    I would rather see some new item like wizards staff that would lower sr cooldown time and give u more mana. And new spells maybe fireballs etc? There are lots of spells in rpg games that would fit right in i like number and variety of spells in morrowing for an instance. And then maybe spell taking magic immunity down costing like 200 mana? Thet would force cooperation between mages and fighters and fix the situation when strongest fighters are also best mages. Please look at my siggy and don't be mad at me
  14. Auction Titanium long of thermal book

    Auction over please contact me ingame.