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  1. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I totally agree with SunriseCoder, EL will become even less playable without the exp from invances, there will be no point doing them just for "farming", because for me, there's no fun doing this. I only go to invances to get the exp reward. Also, i only play this game because of invances/instances, and because instances were buried alive due to some bad changes that occured some time ago, i only spend countless hours training just to go for better invances, but without exp reward, there will be nothing else to do in Eternal Lands at all. Without the exp reward from invances, i'll do the same as my whole guild and many other friends have already done: stop playing EL, because i have many other games to have fun with, and EL does provide some fun, but if those changes become true, it will be the end of 8 years of playing and having lots of fun with all those friends and allies. That's my point of view, and i'm saying it to explain what i'm feeling, that's all.
  2. CRASH

    Man, the server crashed while i was in the mcw invasion inside MM cave... gogogo i want to return there ASAP
  3. selling stuff

  4. IP ban ... why?

    Problem solved, thank you ... Back to harvesting
  5. IP ban ... why?

    My IP is banned. I know all the rules, i`m sure i did nothing wrong ... I want to play EL Thank you, Adriano_
  6. Selling 1k Steel bars

    ALL SOLD!!
  7. Selling 1k Steel bars

    Ok, PM me ingame
  8. Selling

    I buy 1k HEs if u want for 8.5kgcs PM me ingame if interested. Good Luck, Adriano_
  9. Selling some

    I've broken my steel greaves, so i'll buy it if it's ok to you Please PM me ingame. Good Luck, Adriano_
  10. Selling 1k Steel bars

    Ok, sold
  11. Selling 1k Steel bars

    Steel bars sold.
  12. Selling 1k Steel bars

    Remaining itens for sale: -Warlock Cloak -20k chrysanthemums -13 Iron Sword -11 Iron Broad Sword