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  1. Seems to do a pretty good work of avoiding resynchs for me (avg ping time is 350-450ms for me right now since my isp is having problems so I was getting plenty of them...) On the other hand there seems to be a problem with EL running in the background (e.g. with browser window with msg board over it) - if you are in a busy area like a storage EL crashes ussually within 15-20 seconds of me openning another window over it. This is from non-debug of elc.exe as I can't seem to get the debug one compiling ever since cal3d was put in... Error: Unhandled exception at 0x00409a3c in elc.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x09ba3000. It is happening while freeing a block in the heap with void free(pblock) - free a block in the heap will try to get more info once my debug version of client starts compiling again... ~C
  2. Cal3D Bugs

    Dead things are nto staying falled on the ground if you walk out of the range in which it is sent to client... e.g. I kill 2 gargs - all looks ok... I walk away from them so that they are outside the area server sends to you...than I come back...they are still dead but standing now... Edit: same tihng happens for wolf, bears Edit2: same thing for snakes and deer in todays compile (well minus the <CAL> in name since that was taken out) ~C
  3. The actual CVS client

    Ther is an all button patch I made - check http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15551 ~C
  4. Cal3D

    FYI - got it compiling on VS (2k3 version) wihtout modifications to any files (other than the project files to add linker libs etc.) How I did it: Start with pre-cal3d solution file so I woun't go in to setting up SDL/OpenGL etc. libs.... 1) I downloaded cal3d from here -> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/cal3d/c...tar.gz?download 2) extracted somewhere / run the included dsw file / upgrade it to VS 2K3 format (and delete all the non-existing projects that are in it but not included in the download) save it / close 3) take cal3d_wrapper.cpp and cal3d_wrapper.h from the client cvs and replace the 2 files in cal3d ditribution wiht them (these are in \cal3d-0.10.0\src\cal3d) 4) open the solution file you created in 2) and build it wihtout any changes - you get 3 files under \cal3d-0.10.0\bin\release (ofc if you building debug you get it under debug....) - cal3d.dll, cal3d.lib, cal3d.exp 5) copy cal3d.dll to your EL folder 6) open the EL Client solution file and go to elc project properties -> C++ / General options and add C:\Projects\ELClient\SDK\cal3d-0.10.0\src (or where ever your cal3d is) to additional include directories, next go to linker -> general options and add C:\Projects\ELClient\SDK\cal3d-0.10.0\bin\release to there, next in linker-> input -> additional dependencies add cal3d.lib, apply / ok 7) try to build - at this point I tried building the client and got one more linker error that I traced down to gluProject in lights.c -> go back to project properies linker-> input -> additional dependencies add Glu32.lib (I'm listing this separatly since it is possible your OpenGL files might have this function and you might not have to link against Glu32.lib at all, glu32.lib is probably part of the MS platform SDK so youm ight have to install that if you don;t have it) 8) get the package with meshes/textures etc. Wytter posted ( http://el.tfm.ro/update_1.0.2-test2.tar.bz2) and put that in to yuor EL client directory (back it up first...!), put the compiled exe in to it run it! That's it...seems to work evne tho my average FPS seems to have dropped by 8-10 (70 -> 60) and IP has no snow /server thinks its a differnt map so cna get a bit werid there... ~C
  5. Leather Gloves

    minor correction: Leather Pants = 7 leather (7 * 4.67) + 10 thread (10 * 1) = 42.69 (Trik buys for 40)
  6. This is tested in the latest CVS client (as of July 5th morning EST) - when you are changing maps (e.g. click on signpost) and hit TAB to see map before it loads the next map you get some of the char textures show as the map instead of the map and what ever object was supposed to get the textures ends up white... seems to me like it is sharing some buffer for loading bitmaps between texture loader and map loader and is not checking if the buffer it in use by one of them when the other wants to use it (non-thread safe object being accessed from multiple threads with out 'traffic controll' ?) either way no idea if this is an issue as switching to cal3d might eliminate this by chanign how textures are loaded so no futher fixing might be needed...but reporting it just in case... ~C
  7. Proxy settings

    You might want to try looking at SocksCap (http://www.socks.permeo.com/Download/SocksCapDownload/index.asp) or something similar as that might allow you to connect through a proxy (SOCKS v5 in this case) without modifying the client. This is for windows only AFAIK and I have not tried to run EL through it so no guarantees it works...but it might be worth a try anyway if you know what you doing... EDIT: fixed link and some spelling ~C
  8. storage and guilds

    well apparently those who say there is absolutly no need for guild storages have never tried to run a quest/contest with whole guild taking part in it. A guild storage would make it much more easier to collect all prizes in one place and actualy would allow anyone to store whatever they cna spare for prizes in it so looking for prizes for next contest would be as simple as doing storage listing. On the other hand it would probably take quitea bit of programming on the server side and an interface update on client side to implement so unfortunatly I don't see it being put in any time soon ~C
  9. Bug in EL under WinXP Limited User account

    most usb drives use FAT/FAT32 -> no need to worry about file access premissions and such since only NTFS supports that so yeah a USB drive with EL might actualyl work him well... ~C
  10. What's the first thing you do?

    alt+h / alt+b #gm hi all *click to walk* down arrow ~C
  11. will this do it? Index: chat.c =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/elc/elc/chat.c,v retrieving revision 1.38 diff -w -b -i -r1.38 chat.c 672a673 > case CHAT_ALL: return tab_all; 758a760 > add_tab_button (CHAT_ALL); // added ~C Index: chat.h =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/elc/elc/chat.h,v retrieving revision 1.18 diff -w -b -i -r1.18 chat.h 10c10 < #define MAX_CHAT_TABS 7 /*!< Size of the \see channels array */ --- > #define MAX_CHAT_TABS 8 /*!< Size of the \see channels array */ // 7 changes to 8 ~C Index: translate.c =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/elc/elc/translate.c,v retrieving revision 1.52 diff -w -b -i -r1.52 translate.c 352a353 > tab_all[10], // added ~C 359a361 > 898a901 > add_xml_identifier (titles_str, "t_all", tab_all, "All", sizeof(tab_all)); // added ~C Index: translate.h =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/elc/elc/translate.h,v retrieving revision 1.34 diff -w -b -i -r1.34 translate.h 448a449 > tab_all[10], // added ~C
  12. This addds [All] as a tab in the channel filters to see the unfiltered channel (you get all the text just as you would see in console) (all my edits are marked with a comments with ~C in it - sorry - I'm working on windows so not that easy to make a patch against CVS for me so only got the 4 changed files here) they can be d/led here -> {edit - remvoed outdated link - see post below for patch] any commetns/suggestions are welcome ~C
  13. There is a walk-through hedge in Mortos Temple Fem Orc is standing on 111,63 Hedge is at 113,63 ~C
  14. Client wishlist version 3

    Just a note on END key - many laptops don't have it as regular key so it ussually requires holding down Fn key + another key so it might be better to use something else (e.g. have TAB work as autocompletion if typing anything that starts wiht / otherwise use it for map...I know this is a bit more programming but there is plenty of people that play on laptops that will definitly appreciate it) ~C
  15. System Specifications

    Machine 1: OS: Windows XP SP2 Pro CPU: Intel P4 3.2GHz \w HT on RAM: 1GB / DDR Video: ATI Mobility Radeon x800 (256MB) Internet: ADSL Display: LCD 1680x1050, 32 bit (playing at 1280x1024) FPS: 180+ crowded areas if uncapped (capped at 30) Machine 2: OS: Windows 2k3 SP1 RC1 CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 2.8GHz \w HT on RAM: 1GB / DDR Video: nVidia FX 5200 (128MB) Internet: ADSL Display: CRT 1280x1024, 32 bit (playing at 1152x864) FPS: 25+ crowded areas if uncapped (capped at 30) Only lag I get is from being in US -> high ping times (ussualy 250ms, best 150ms)