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  1. Lord of the flies day

    Um, you guys bitch when the game goes more towards benefiting fighters, but when an army of noobs can go team up on someone who's peaceful, but just happens to have 60/61 a/d, it's okay? If you removed the flames forums because it broke apart the community, then how do you think the community is going to feel when a bunch of asses run around killing each other?
  2. Whats your favorate band?

    The Donnas. And Alanis Morissette, of course, but she's not a band.
  3. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    Yes, because the game needs to grow.
  4. Crims0n

    Couple days ago, a random guy asked to join my guild. I figured "sure, why not?" as it could have been nice to have a new person. Later, he asked to borrow my MM cape and got a bunch of free essences and SRs... 300 HEs and 200 SRs I think, and 100 something MEs. So, I gave them to him... Worst case scenario? He leaves later and loves us for getting him started. One less person to kill me. So, yesterday, when I logged on, I was bombarded with accusations that my newbie had bagjumped. I denied it all, mostly because there was absolutely no proof of it... Mistake. Later that day, he was at VotD no longer in the Twin guild. No warning, no story, just gone. This morning, my good friend Merrick PMed me and said he had also bagjumped trotter of =Hc= yesterday. I'm sure they're telling the truth now. So, big apology to LLL and =Hc= for being bagjumped. I am sorry I have a bad judge of character. Basically, don't let this guy into your guild. He's bad news and he'll use you and kill your reputation. Oh and P.S. Benhe isn't crims0n.
  5. Mass Production ?

    Well that would make no sense, making a sword while you're not there... I liked Roja's system of making multiple things for one sword and having to actually go somewhere and go through a process. Not sure where that thread is, though...
  6. Mass Production ?

    Great idea, but this really only works for people who are devoting their lives to manufacturing, and so when people want to make 1 or 2 steel shields to last them for a while, they'll have to take a few days off from whatever else they may be doing. I'm all for the idea, but I know they'll complain endlessly about it, just like they did with the cooldown.
  7. First step

    I've never used privacy, I'm too proud of what I have done, and it pisses me off to no end when I want to see how far I have to go for tops lists, but everybody has it blocked...
  8. Player of the Month award

    Oh boy, another way for the cutesy people to be better than everybody else? It's a good idea in theory, but Kedan is right, and it will only turn into a popularity contest, which will provide even more ammo for people on this game to tear each other to pieces...
  9. What Irks you

    People who see racism where there is none.
  10. rich007

    Rich007 of uFc blah blah blah stole my diamonds when I hit a teleport nexus, didn't give them back after I made threats to report him as an outlaw, yada yada. If you want a chatlog, I'll give you one. He didn't refuse to give them back, just said he would and never did. I don't have the patience to deal with noobs. I already PK them on site, doesn't matter much I guess.
  11. Health Bar

    I just reset (again, think I'm setting a record). In an attempt to get my health bar down to a tolerable level, I tried casting restore/minor healing, thinking that maybe that would make me lose health... Yeah, I failed logic. Anywho, when I changed maps the health bar above my character's head was fine and lovely, and my health said 20/20. However, the red bar at the bottom of the screen says 71 now and is not going down at all. Logging off once didn't fix it, but logging off and then opening WMP and then reopening EL fixed it. Ah, the healing destruction of Windows products.
  12. What Irks you

    A week old, I know... 1. People who show pluralization with apostrophes (STDs would be correct. STD's would mean that STD owns it. Take a grammar class, huh?). 2. People who put periods before parentheses (That's right, the period goes after). 3. People who use any way, shape, or form of short hand, other than what one may use in a formal setting. 4. People who use the word "you" outside of direct quotation. Example: (while talking about something stupid like politics or religion) "You just don't do that!" Yes, I do. Piss off. And stop saying you. 5. People who cannot form a coherent sentence, and could not form one if his or her life depended on it. 6. People who said "Their/they" instead of "he or she or his or her" Proper usage is illustrated in #5. 7. People who try to steal my attention. 8. People who try to steal my boyfriend. 9. The fact that every boyfriend I've ever had on this game has quit. 10. The fact that I have to go up to double-digits, now. 11. People who cannot grasp the concept that your and you're are two different words, and that plural words do NOT have apostrophes unless it is dictating ownership, even though I have already explained this. 12. The people who make Andes candies so damn addictive. 13. Whoever decided not to put accent marks and characters from other languages on the American keyboard. 14. Television other than the History Channel. 15. People who make movies that are not historically accurate. 16. Disney. 17. The fact that Sean lives too far away. 18. The fact that Alanis Morissette hasn't released a new album since So-Called Chaos. 19. The fact that nobody else loves Alanis as much as I do. 20. The fact that I don't have enough cats to be a spinster. 21. The fact that this is how old I have to be to drink legally. That's all.
  13. Calling all guildleaders

    Excuse me? No, honey biscuit, it doesn't work that way. If you're counting me and my guild as a whole - TirasHazor happens to be included in there, by the way - as outlaws, then there is no way I'm joining in. Scare tactics didn't get me into Christianity, and they sure as hell aren't getting me into a council. I have neither the time nor the energy to bother working with people whom I have no respect for, and if all guilds are going to be lumped together, and you're too sugar coated to realize they will bicker like a new couple, then I highly doubt this will work. Twin is not in until the Voice of Reason changes some of the things stated in this thread.
  14. Baggage - Goodage, or Baddage?

    Only 600? Pssht. That's like... a day of ogres.
  15. ALL out war comments/sugestions

    ...We got owned repeatedly by the blue team until we were finally able to regroup in that last... 10 minutes? I think the blue team won. They had the best communication and held together the best.