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  2. The use of hammers

    If they gave hammers a stun/paralyze chance they might worth the negatives. But as drop killing weapons they are pretty decent.
  3. ~Ores Incorporated~

    500 iron bars
  4. /SouthPark

    Before you watch any episode, you must post "Rend is Boss"
  5. escot

    He bag jumped my 3 fruit 2 years ago.
  6. Why2k bj

    He bag jumped my 2 rabbit furs 1 year ago.
  7. citas1

    He bag jumped me 2 years ago.
  8. Today's "Little" Invasion

    I missed it.
  9. Day of Joule

    10% chance that everytime you say 'Rend is boss' you get a thermal serp.
  10. Day of Joule

    People who who use branches have 50% chance to die instantly.
  11. Day of Joule

    Extra heat damage, like solar flare day.
  12. My First PK kill

    Just know that noobs you pk tend to get really pissy about it. My ignore list is almost 2megs now .
  13. Making money

    Before you make another big long post like this, do a search. The economy of this game has been discussed and discussed and discussed.
  14. My Char Hacked!

    If this really happend, this should be in the abuse section. If you didnt share your pass with somebody else and it got 'hacked' that way, then the devs/mods should be able to help you.
  15. atmos

    And there you have it : Atmos is not nice.