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  1. yay first summoning goal reached :D

    AHH im in there!!! nice job Nix <3 Tyler
  2. Random Sale

  3. Unsure why i am banned

    So my ban will be 1 month from wedsday? or do i apply for it in a month then it will be unlocked?
  4. Unsure why i am banned

    3. Proceeds (items, gc, etc) from character sales are not allowed to be put on any other character used by the seller. Any attempts to hide such transactions are subject to the same penalty. Please note we do not endorse or support these sales, and any scams or problems are not the responsibility of Eternal Lands.. I found out i did illegal sharing of items between my old character and my new one i am sorry and wont do it again i was not aware of this and promise to never do it again.
  5. Unsure why i am banned

    I was just wondering why Tsmith was banned i am positive i have not broken any rules and if i did which ones? Please and thank you http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=tsmith
  6. Cant Connect to server?

    check this link posted in bans forums thank you
  7. Cant Connect to server?

    I just disabled my fire wall and its still not allowing me to hit the log in button
  8. Cant Connect to server?

    I have a new HP computer and it has webroot anti virus with spy sweeper and everytime i start up EL it wont let me hit log in...When i hit new character it says cant connect to server and i read the FAQ and i was able to look at the players online and i was wondering if anyone knew how to disable the firewall so i could play? please and thank you
  9. Buying all sulphur(up to 40k) for 2gc ea post on here or pm me ingame: Tsmith