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  1. Banned

    Hello, i got banned one month and almost two weeks before for illegal multiplaying... One month has passed so i am asking to be unbanned if possible... I have never caused problems or so in the game.... My greetings \o/ Thanks for your time...
  2. Banned

    I wouldnt,i just made once a mistake...
  3. Banned

    I wouldnt make any of them again,thanks
  4. Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana and Rapier of Death

    canceled... So the last bid is first... Sorry
  5. Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana and Rapier of Death

    Lets get it started 200kgc for the Emerald Claymore
  6. Air essences

    Selling 20k air essences Starting Price : 170Kgc Bin Price: 250Kgc Plz serius Offers... Have a nice bidding and thank you all!
  7. Air essences

    Sold Thanks
  8. Air essences

    I sell parts of aes like 6k aes 12k aes too Just post the amount you want Thanks
  9. Auctioning air essences

    As title says,i am auctionning 40k air essences Plz serious offers Starting Bid: 380.000 gc Bin: 450.000 gc Post here or PM me in game Destiny_Boy Thanks for your time... Happy bidding everyone
  10. Auctioning air essences

    Delievered to Shaolin...Thanks
  11. one perk

    Hi all, i would like to share my idea with you, so here is what i have to suggest... Nowadays, one perk is almost abandoned for most people, cause its impossible to stay with this perk without getting bombed and bagjumped... So i think a stone that when you have it in your inventory mines-caltrops etc would not affect you even if you have "one" perk, and the stone not getting lost after one attempt to bomb you,but cost many gc... Waitting for your response! Thank you all for listening to my idea, Destiny_Boy
  12. one perk

    Vanyel, i didnt talk about something like that!! I just throwed out my idea as almost no1 take this perk, and whoever does he removes it as fast as possible!! It is the perk that less people have atm, so i thought it was a good idea! Hf
  13. one perk

    I would never take this perk Just throwing out my idea
  14. one perk

    Lol sure, maybe if perk gives less pps (like 3) if this stone ever is made.
  15. MoM

    Another good idea would be a chance to mana drain/burn your opponent when getting hit
  16. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    there's a batch 2 silver ore order for you, at #12 in the queue. would you like another batch ordered? Actually i dont remember what is the full amount of silver i have ordered :$ 2 times 10k silver each? I just need 10k silver ore,cancel the other order pls and sry for that
  17. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Sorry i have ordered 10k silver ore too; is it ok with that? (i just got worried as i dont see it anywhere) ty
  18. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Wofus,they are not harvesting anymore,shop is closed,read 1st page plz.
  19. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ok,thanks a looot! Can i have 20k wals and 10k silver ore plz?
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Sorry,i asked for 10k wals and 10k diamonds but no one didnt answer.... ty
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10K diamonds 10k wals plz Destiny_Boy in game,thanks
  22. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Ok,changed to 10k silver ore Edited because of wrong
  23. Auctioning OSoMN