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  1. Idea for perception

    It certainly would be cool to be able to click on monster that were further away then right beside me.
  2. Player Ranking suggestions

    Very nice. Now if only I could pass ant_1 somehow on the harvest list.
  3. This is a market?

    D'oh. Sorry, you are right I didn't read carefully enough. I tend to get a little defensive anytime I see something about limiting harvesting. Apparently my brain checked out and my fingers did a little to much walking there.
  4. This is a market?

    Re: lower harvest limits. Please no. Leveling in harvest beyond about level 65 is painful and gets steadily worse as the amout of exps keeps going up and your ability to earn them never changes. If I harvest 120 diamonds in an hour I get 7200 exps. I'm currently level 80 in harvest so it takes me around a million exps to earn a level. I'll leave the math to the reader but suffice it to say that if I had to stay awake until I leveled I'd be awake a mighty long time. contrast this with fighters who can earn hundreds of thousands of exps in a few hours if they are high level.
  5. So long as there is software there will be bugs.
  6. This is a market?

    So long as there is deflation there is to little money in the game. So long as this simple fact is ignored there will be serious problems with the economy.
  7. Stealing Pick Points

    Add in the fact that it can take months for non fighter types to gain OA as you start creeping in on OA100. Sorry, not a good idea.
  8. Shouldn't skunks posion

    I don't think it is currently used for anything but doesn't EL have a charm or some such skill? Temporarily lowering that would be another approach to take, assuming of course it did anything.
  9. If this has to happen then please... A, lower the cost of MM B, refund the PP difference between the old and new cost to people who currently have MM.
  10. The rollback

    I lost close to 200k exps, the bulk of it in the harvest area. Yes, I was working hard on that as ~7200 is the most I can get per hour. Did it bug me? Yep. Will I survive? You bet. As others have noted, EL is in beta. One way to avoid rollbacks is to have no updates. Personally I'd rather deal with the occasional rollback then EL being forever stagnant.
  11. I voted no. If I wanted to have monsters chasing me I wouldn't have spent all those PP's on MM. Though given how watered down MM is becoming I'm certainly starting to wish for a refund opportunity. MM ain't cheap. The fact that it has gotten less useful over time and that people are discussing things that will water it down even more is a bit distressing.
  12. But if you turn that off aren't you stuck when it comes to picking up monster drops when the monster obscures the bag?
  13. Empty map files

    Thats always been an issue though. I've had custom maps in the past that had stuff from multiple places. Never bothered me a bit. And now with the new viewing mode you can even see the other buildings and such on maps sometimes.
  14. Empty map files

    Thanks for the suggestions. These should solve my problem, but from the point of view of the broader community some sort of solution that didn't require any additional work sure would be nice.
  15. I hadn't realized the window was smaller at the lower res settings. I had noticed the smaller images for the storage interface though which is what got me to thinking about this. The quickbar actually works reasonably well for me. The main issue is really with picking stuff up in combat. Though if the inventory window were smaller I'd be more likely to leave it open as it is kind of nice to be able to see everything.