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  1. Formal Proposal to Buy Eternal lands

    Bill...can u plz fix teh damn bugs on windows xp instead of buying EL....?
  2. How old are you?

  3. Screenshots submissions for website

    nice pics ninten .
  4. All OuT WAR!

    I really wanna kill some one in that list........sign me up !
  5. Amazing =D

    LV i already said that most of u been there, but i only took a pic tought it woud be nice.
  6. Amazing =D

    hehe, if u need tips give me a pm Kat .
  7. Amazing =D

    linus were looking for the magic priest, so i tried to help him. suddenly he found a secret place and we went there and we found some cool stuff. i think most of u been there already but i took a pic, have a look . Reza Cool pic
  8. New NPC locations

    Very nice post and very useful. Tanx
  9. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    first, he swered as well so i got really angry and i startarted swering. second, i want to see u if this happens to u then we will see how u react! third, U mean he did right thing to bagjump me??? Reza
  10. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    Ok any way do i get my flowers back or not ?
  11. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    Oh ok i thought u are him btw are u on my side ? lol
  12. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    ttla are u blackeyed_Devil or his freind ???
  13. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    well u mean he did right ????
  14. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    we say bagjumping when u die and so .... but he stole it in public thats diffrent
  15. Backeyed_devil Is Bagjumper

    it wasnt bagjumping. iy was bag stoling