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  1. I need every1's help on this one!

    you talking about my post? yes
  2. I need every1's help on this one!

    *stares in amzment*
  3. i need info about how to be a moderator

    hmmm something about this souns fishy..... <_< edit: if you have read the post on the anounments then you would know no sloppy or short hand writing or l33t
  4. heres an idea

    hmm wow i never thought of that its a really good idea in my opion good job
  5. heres an idea

    well it was just a thought but i gusse it wont work oh well
  6. heres an idea

    I know how in other games I have played there were many spammers and there was something that helped stop them with this thing that made you stop typing if you go like a enter a enter or space enter to fast so you would have to wait like 30 seconds this is just an idea that i thought of and maybe you are already coming out with it or have thought about it but I have not heard anyone suggest this yet as far as i know of so I think this would be a nice idea post here of what you think please.
  7. has this ever happend to you?

    yes I am i think it is bad and maybe could be replaced with something a bit better just an idea
  8. has this ever happend to you?

    ahhh i see now ok yes but how about the tons of people who dont know about that and how could you possably get that info to them?
  9. has this ever happend to you?

    i did not get what you just said what so ever i wanted to know if you could maybe make it a bit more clear? what does this have to do with the topic about f2
  10. PKable

    i got an idea why not make people stuck in the under world and they can't get out or maybe make a zone where bad players can go and they are stuck there for as long as there punishment is and then other players can visit them and look and stair and see who was banned and why they were like maybe a player zoo! lol
  11. B-day

    happy b-day i hope you enjoy being however old you are
  12. Yes that is true so people would make less mistakes and then wont have to reset as often......... but there could still be a bit more small negative perks or maybe like 1 more big one.....
  13. I have because someone said hit f2 its a really good site and then like something poped up that was not that good of a site (dont want to get into detail) and i just think there is no reason of this hot key maybe if it wasnt changeable like was set to eternal-lands home page then that might be a good idea or if you can set it so it will only change when you change it like #f2_<site name> so other people could not change it making you have bad experinces. Also instead of having this then you could maybe write down the site name just look in your chat messages or even better make it so you can click on the site when someone says a site name IF you want to so you actully know what site your going to and you dont have to write it down and sometimes people could type the site before you hear then say hit f2 hit it common its a really good site and you wouldnt know what it is until it was too late. Thank you for anyone who spends time reeading this.
  14. yes you do have a point I did not take that into consideration.......because I have not been into pk areas and been pk so I do not know how strong people are just yet........... <_<
  15. ya thats a really good idea thanks for suggesting it wow it really should be like that but maybe a bit more of cost like 30gc more because it gives soo much pp (10)