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  1. Expiring bots

    Sorry that I did dot pay attention to this list, but then again, I had no reason. Moonday sholud not have been on the expiring list at all, she was already renewed on Jul 8 (5LL579016R349442X). Would you kindly restore her and deliver the rest of the transaction? Oakhex
  2. With 'thy shall have no alts' rule gone, one question is bothering me. Is there anything that prohibits using multiple auxiliary chars at strategic spots: storages, next to daily quest sites etc. The main char will supply and restock alts, then advertise like "Selling food in any storage", "selling all daily armor in TG sto", "ask for any engineering daily help and it will be delivered on spot" etc. Now if anybody is interested in buying leather helmets, instead of appearing personally, the main char just logs in as TG storage alt, sells the helms and logs out. If somebody forgot what King Gondric wanted to place around the table -- no worries, an alt will log in sitting next to the king and sells you poisoned caltrops. While this type of alts are not bots, strictly speaking, they are very close -- doing nothing, appearing only if a trade is agreed on between main char and a buyer or when the main char wants to restock alt's supplies. Nothing in the game rules seem to prohibit this. Now the question: will this be OK or frowned upon?
  3. Global Quest FAQ

    Started the next one. Needed: 10K gypsum, 1200 amber, 50 RVM and 25 oranges.
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 50, 1200 Amber and I have 34, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 5, 25 Orange of which I already have 0.
  5. Global Quest FAQ

    In the hope of getting something else than 'good days galore' that has even less good days than ordinary game... I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 5575, 1200 Amber and I have 212, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 5, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 4.
  6. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 Amber and I have 0, 3 Pear of which I already have 0, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 0.
  7. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    Oops, I did forget about inorganic nexus. Amber requirement can easily be relpaced by / combined with praying to MN with full action points. Using amber instead of points seemed more logical, as it embodies both the action points and indirectly the added cost of having a better medallion.
  8. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    This could work, and I like the basic idea of equal opportunities for low and high end harvesters. But this solution goes too far in favoring low rationality. It is much faster to regain 80 action points (the minimum) than 300 or more. Not necessarily a bad thing, but isn't it better to subtract something in-between, like 200 or MAX if it is less than 200? Both options introduce a tool that never breaks with careful use, And 'careful' has another meaning. The harvester med loses much of its attraction, when instead of just wearing it and going AFK you need to pay constant attention to this monotonous activity or your valuable item breaks. So I have another suggestion: 3) instead of breaking, the med turnes into a 'defecated by Mother Nature harvester medallion' that you can attempt to cleanse (with ~80% of success) by sacrificing 50 amber to Lucaa on her altar.
  9. Here is a suggestion I have been mulling over for some time - a new official channel for trade bot messages only combined with an standardized message format. The benefits as I see them are numerous - restrict trade bots on #3 to shorter messages (perhaps 1 item at a time only) and longer delays. Perhaps we could even turn #ignore_bots off . As it is now, I suspect nobody listens to the bot adverts anyway - bots could be allowed to talk more on their own channel. A nice feature would be to announce in real time any changes in their inv or price list, or let players know of temporary timeouts to take a trip to the storage or just have a cigarette; - as the channel is for bots only, messages do not have to be human readable. Why not <S150x119a45> instead of Selling 150 iron bars 45gc each - we could have much better Rraisa-like services, always up to date. The most trouble is caused by difficulties in parsing - we could have much better market seach web pages as the protocol provides a unified msg format that anyone can use to announce their trades, including 'private' bots. Greypal search is very good, but it is impossible to know every bot's web page or API to query the inventory - numeric item id-s can be translated to any language There are buts, of course like sets, minimum amounts, trades not involving gc, different prices for world/guild, explanatory comments, pseudo-bots like Schmurk corner etc, but they seem minor.
  10. Lost a few hours of my EL life

    Knowing that the server is robust enough to recover after crashes actually makes me feel better. And we both got the bonus of getting levels with firework twice
  11. Lost a few hours of my EL life

    I logged in today, saw a special healing day, did some coal mining, steel bars alcing and other everyday chores including getting an overall level. Then I left my char sitting at CC entrance for an hour. After coming back, there was a <disconnected> message waiting for me, nothing unusual. What is bizarre is that after pressing the space bar, I saw myself briefly where I expected to be and then, baaah, found myself where I logged in hours earlier. Same clothes, same old stats, and Vespasia the 30th was no longer a special day. I still had the old chat on console, so I know I'm not crazy and reaching an overall level is not easy to forget. How did this happen? And if it was not a world-wide event, server rollback, how can I prevent this happening again?