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  1. Problems with your kids? listen to maddox.

    lol thats a jacked up guide im personally a kid so i would really hate that well 14 yr old but still some do need to get their ***es whooped i have a stupid kid at my school his parents wont deal with it so know what i did *BAM* i laughed lol well i had a jut cause this dude a freakin idiot he says "dont mess with me or ill kick your *** " know what happened he got beat up by the weakest dude in school (not me) for calling him a name now he shuts up hahaha watch when you get old and they send you to a retierment home cause you beat them who knows it could happen but me im diffrent im calm (till you piss me the hell off) but that happens about once a year
  2. avatars

    yea there are a heck load of anti bush avatars But i cant even put mine for a unknown reason you guys must really hate him :lol:
  3. Show a pic of yourself!

    very mature guys making fun of me :lol:
  4. playstation 2 question

    ummm $500 (no) the hard drive comes with the first game that actually needed it (buy the FF11 why you think the package is so freakin huge) its only like $99 game but $500 hell naw
  5. driving woohoo

    when i see your car ill remeber to jump and roll to the right naw im just joking congrats
  6. My Disks are TOTALED

    you guys were alot of help (well maybe not) i needed a real suggestion not a opinion but whatever i got it fixed (WITHOUT ANY OF YOUR HELP)
  7. My Disks are TOTALED

    ahhhh most of my disks have me scratched like hell (not to total hell about half way down) anyone got something i can buy (do) to fix it heard the GameDR is ok but they say it sucks its s 50/50 none of my disks work gona go insane without playing video games
  8. (question for programmers im new at this) well windows XP doesnt seem to have a CHMOD command built into it anyone know how i get this damn command Its the only thing stoping me from Making my OekakiBBS (stupid CHMOD COMMAND!!!!)
  9. Need Some software

    oh yea forgot to tell you guys im trying to set up a oekaki paint BBS on my site well (my other site) (almost got it once i get the damn binary to work i really freakin hate binary code so confuseing im new at it) your all welcome to come when i finish it (not you spammers)
  10. Need Some software

    does anyone know something i can download thats (similar) to photoshop and is free and isnt free with a limited useage time i need it to do some homework (evil teacher) well does anyone have a photo enhancing software i can download (i need suggestions)
  11. Mario Vs. Sonic

    id have to go with mario WOHOO (even tho i have a personal grudge against nintendo for my own reasons) MARIO ALL THE WAY (nintendo how i hate you! :evil:)
  12. All about me

    banning him is very futile he comes back no matter what you do hehe but there is one solution *shuts lips*
  13. Wedding gift >:(

    yea im with Cicero i just want them all to die (or give up dont think i dont value life) cause all ive heard is about crap happening in iraq!! god people are dieing i know WHEN 1 DAMN SOLDIER IS WOUNDED ITS NO BIG DEAL
  14. Save Killerlamb!!

    Mana doesnt take no sides reason he shouldnt be banned(yea he post alot thats not a problem) reason he should be banned(yea he post alot thats a problem) 私が実際に考える何を子ヒツジが禁止されるべきであるキラーである get a translator MUAHAHAHA