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  1. bruJah=Freezer

  2. about honnor and players

    kps a baby and picks fights with people and when stronger players get involved his daddy chickengeorge comes to save him,no need to fear daddy's here
  3. bruJah=Freezer

    why is it taht brujah and freezer are the same charectars and one is pkable but the other one isnt just dosent make sense to me
  4. Cut_throat

    most of the stuff posted here i didnt do or i had a good reason for doing,that was when i first got the char i didnt know how to use it and everyone d the char hypatia, so try to be killed all the time then get a strong char you go awall,but ive changed around for the most part ask fireballs/kat georgia ive done some nice stuff for them,and most people dont even know what there talking about they just heard a bunch of rumors or whatever and actually i did fight chickengeorge 3 times so SHADAP!
  5. Cut_throat

    no shit i didnt heal i was trying to diss but el slow computer resync,i dont have time to build a strong cahr cause i have a life i dont sit all day everyday like a zombie,and buying a char isnt bad i can just sell for more called marketing BROS
  6. Cut_throat

    your just pissed off cause you died i agree with daxon
  7. =P CO Lair was Raided

    i like raiding co liar and running into duckman so he can hump me to death
  8. Great War Chapter III

    im only 40/40 a/d but im a lvl 20 summoner and can do fluffs with blessing id like to join in on the fun nevermind i guess i cant do fluffs :'(
  9. =Hc=

    id like to join,hc seems like the shizzle
  10. bagjumper

    Rohan how can you complain when you scammed me for 2.2k?
  11. PKable

    Well if you attack free then your dmb,unless you know you can hang
  12. Battle of the Alchemists

  13. Low level/lower level competitions

    Whats a crannog?
  14. 'Noob'

    i agree with shivar
  15. Roanof

    i think mods can teleport you to ronaf but not sure.