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  1. MMORPG programming ..

    Well.. implementation started in C++ (for both client and server) 1) For now, we are using SDL to make a simple 2d client (just for testing.. we will probably switch to OpenGL). 2) For the networking part, we found this: http://vichargrave.com/multithreaded-work-queue-based-server-2/ it's a nice set of objects/methods for producer-consumer model, queue based (they implement mutex inside, so they are really handy). 3) For client/server message protocol, we wanted to use JSON "format". When we'll finish networking.. the rest it's a matter of design [EDIT] Ohh.. and we need to choose an efficient db ... [EDIT] Just started studying noSQL databases, in particular MongoDB ... this should be a good compromise between perfomance and convenience.
  2. MMORPG programming ..

    First of all, i wanna thank you guys for suppporting me Just some additonal question: - Using SDL, do i find some function in that library which simplify use of (p)threads, or instead SDL give support only for networking (ex: handling sockets)? - Do you know some tutorial (for C(++ / #) and SDL) which gives some guidelines to server-client implementation for generic online multiplayer? I'm pretty sure there's something i didn't get, for example about multithreads.. do i have to implement something like "mutex", to access shared vars? Well.. so many things to learn.. and a strategy to choose..
  3. Hi everyone! We are trying to develop an online multiplayer rpg, so i thought that maybe someone of the EL creators (but anyone else would be good of course) could give me some advice Which is the best language for this purpose (according to you) ? What could i use to get the client-server protocol working easily ? (i'm a bit scared of the multithread approach in C..) Which are your favourite gfx libraries? (i'd like to create something light.. i prefer to privilege gameplay instead of gfx) I know that there are many solutions, so i'd like to know the "strategies" you would use for this job Hope that someone have time/desire to answer my question, and maybe this post could interest some other user. Thank you all! PS: Please, have mercy for my bad english ...