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  1. very old players

    I started just after the reset. I think it was 03 or 05. That's kinda old I guess. I was one of the 4 founding members of LLL. I come back now and again. The game play is still fun for me I just miss the old social aspect and my guildies and friends.
  2. rebuild of Lords and Ladies of Legend

    Hey Wuffzel, As the founder and one of the first council members of LLL I am very happy to see that after 8 years LLL is still around. I'm not sure if you still use the old website I made but I believe I should still have admin privileges to it if you need me to set you up. Just let me know
  3. guild stats page

    I managed to copy and paste the page onto a word file. Only problem there is a script to download that is no longer available.
  4. guild stats page

    Anyone still have this script? I have been looking for a members online page for a long time to us on the LLL site.
  5. Did you know?

    LLL has been here almost 1 1/2 years. We have had our ups and down but I think one reason we stay around is we try to keep clear of the Guild-jumpers. The members we do loose are the ones who quit the game. Very few have actually ever left us to join another guild unless it was our wish. That and our Council: We are all older more mature players and we have been playing together for almost 2 years now. For this reason alone I have no doubt we will be around for a long time to come.
  6. Should players from the same guild attack eachother?

    Yes Firstly it would make training with people you trust easier...Also it would be more true to real life. In real life you could attack anyone you want. Also there would be a need to turn it on and off for sum's
  7. 4 Seasons Plate

    But if you could get a lil of both. Fur lined plate would give you cold def plus def. For when you are fighting things in the snow. I know you could just put on a cape or hat but this would be more uniform. Plus have a huge role play advantage. Because you know you can't really just put on a fur hat and think it will keep your whole body warm. Edit...plus it would give us manu's something to do with some of the new furs
  8. Glilin Event Results

    That is because it was a manu event We Manu don't do that stuff. Congratz to everyone involved. Sounds like Sheesh and the rest of the mods did a great job on it. Wish I could have made it but it was the one time of day when I had to be somewhere Hope to make the next one as my hammer is getting impatient waiting for those new formulas
  9. 4 Seasons Plate

    I think he was trying to put out the concept more the the graphics. Sounds interesting could set it up like this: Leather lined....more def. fur lined...........cold protection cloth lined........heat protection Now the question is would it be 3 diff armors of just underwear.
  10. What is your political compass score?

    Economic Left/Right: -1.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.03 I didn't like some of the answers also. Almost left a few blank. I think a wider range of questions would be nice too. I know the issues I feel very strongly about like abortion and race equality kinda canceled out. I guess I have my own views and would not fit well in any hard line party of either side.
  11. husband's revenge (well, mostly)

    OMG This is my ex-wife LMAO.
  12. limited guilds

    There could be a charter system where you need say 10 members (different IP's) to sign the charter before you can create a guild. That would get rid of 50% of the current guilds. How many 1 member guilds are there out there? Too many in my opinion. I also agree the level to start a guild needs to be much higher. Maybe 60 OA and the funds should be at least the price of a crown.
  13. Guild Hosting

    I just recently got Guild Portal to ad EL to its supported game. Check it out if You need site hosting. They have a lot of cool features. http://www.guildportal.com/ The new LLL site is still being worked on but here it is if you want to see an example. http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=75990&TabID=656051 *** I have nothing to gain from this and I have nothing to do with guild portals. They just have a nice set up and I thought I'd share ****
  14. GM Family Reunion

    The Council of LLL is from many diff places so I'm sure one of us will be able to make no matter what time.
  15. New summoning creatures idea

    Wow a way to sell Summoners swords. This rocks