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  1. Reunion!

    tuma!!! mikeH! well, matrixx messaged me and told me about this. sounds fun! i better be oldbie enough, bitches!
  2. jokerlist!

    i just saw the post on 'how many times a person dies' list and how it was buggy. wellllllllllllllllllllllll. what about a joker list? everytime someone initiates conversation with the joker, they get 1 count. there's gotta be an easy way to program that. raise your hand if you miss the good ol' generous Joker days in which Vartican got 11 serps and knew the order of the Joker's spawn.
  3. Selling guild maps

    WILL YOU ALL REALIZE THIS AHGDSKJFH. the bottom line is: if you don't want it, don't pay it. but think about all the cool things you could do. and yes, part of the fun will be trying to keep your map a secret and ]protecting it from outsiders.
  4. Disengage Rings

    keep it normal.
  5. Crowds at storage

    this has always been a problem. i propose this: you can only be in the storage area for 1 hour at a time, or else you will be teleported to hell...or maybe some magical "afk" land. in the "afk land" it's an island and you are teleported sitting...when your character stand up you are sent back to the entrance of the map you were at? (a little complex). for those who are pissed off by this for production, get over it. in addition, all you have to do is step outside of the storage area and re-enter every hour.
  6. Guild politics channel

    no one would use it. end of topic.
  7. Selling guild maps

    you have to make your own map, then he will upload it to the server for the fee mentioned.
  8. White List

    hey my peoples. how does one achieve being on the "whitelist" for a ISP ban? i'm interested in starting back up, but my ISP is banned apparently? (SBC/YAHOO)
  9. What Happened?!

    well, my GloryFades character stopped working because it said i had been banned. And i hadn't even logged in for like 2 months before that. (this was a longgg time ago) Ent said i wasn't specifically banned but SBC was. We'll have to ask him. Sigh* if i start playing again back to noobishness...ahhh.
  10. The Rise And Fall Of Old El.

    007 didn't really PLAY so much as sit around the fire on IP afking but that was his profession so that's ok...i dont think anyone in EL history has spent so much time afk as 007 ....except maybe all the autoclicking fools in the silver mines back in the day. i'd consider myself a middlebie...i played in like september 2003...somewhere around there. oldbies = tuma, crusadingknight, learner....ehh too lazy.
  11. What Happened?!

    now if there was only some way for ENT to undo the IP ban of all users of SBC/Yahoo =/. i wish i hadn't deleted my chat logs either
  12. What Happened?!

    ouch sounds rough. and yeah i remember you all. haha everyone figured out the old hiding places i guess. who is goatsgomoo ingame?
  13. Harry Potter, El Style!

    this is possibly the funiest thing...EVER.
  14. The Reason

    hm. agreed that people only play games for fun. and seriously Roja is right...if this is a waste of time, what ISN'T a waste of time? Is there really a purpose to life? Let's pretend it's to create another generation of kids...well what is their purpose? to create another generation of kids...well that goes on and on...so is there ever a REAL purpose? a computer is a means of reaching people and cultures within a room in your dwelling rather than paying huge amounts of MONEY (what IS money after all? it's pieces of paper that are supposed to represent something to make life seem more like a game so you can get the most money and WIN...) to travel across the world...and see sights (which i actually believe in doing...i'm speaking for those who play this game) of the world. I mean whats the point of that? You're looking at a big thing made out of sand bricks in the example of the pyramids...why not look at a computer screen? I'm done. REBOOTED HOW ARE YOU?!@
  15. Www.corpus-opis.com

    haha it makes me happy to see MikeH is still playing...and still has bad stats...