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  1. trading

    why dont you just do some math in your head and tell the other person how much at a time math too hard? whoa, what's 500 fe's weigh? wait...500*1...i'm completely stumped <_<
  2. Alchemists treated poorly?

    and they do it quite often as well i voted one of the "no" options, because "no, and this poll is retarded" wasnt one of the options <_<
  3. Alchemists on Strike!

    omg omg! all fighters go on strike! no fighting until they give us better armor and mroe monsters! we will mass #suicide and completely fill hell up until dying is no longer an option strikes are retarded, you guys will break within two days
  4. Not to accept into a guild list

    a world-wide ignore list for guilds :lol: True_Warrior, that guy is just plain weird
  5. #Message from mod

    that made incredibly little sense, even for you jeze just warned us about scammers :lol:
  6. Just a warning

    she already posted a bug report, a minute before this thread :lol: edit: my bad anastasia
  7. Cloaks

    its in here too http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12397
  8. pick points

    i can think of some ways to really abuse being able to get pp back 1. right before doing something like harvesting, get a whole bunch of pp in reasoning, then go back to normal 2. exchanging of nexuses for each other means never having to commit to anything, as you can get artificial nexus to make whatever armor you want, and then immediately get human nexus to equip it, without having to level up 3. scamming people by letting them see your stats one way, and then changing it at the wraith and killing them i'm sure tehre are others
  9. #Message from mod

    she said the exact same thing as me "first person to pm me XXXX" contests are funny, as i can imagine the mod's screen getting flooded
  10. a new monster

    *slices in half with serp* rabbit, deer, booby warrior, makes no difference :lol: but of course you couldnt have possibly been serious
  11. Donate 1$

    i would send you $8, but i cant seem to find that 8 dollar bill i keep around here somewhere two words: dumpster diving :lol:
  12. Map Update.

    you are a noob You don't even type properly like Free does. also, the cc south entrance is a little more to the right than it is on the map, and the bridge in dp is a little to the south of where it is marked on the map, so it looks like i walk over water on the map :lol:
  13. #Message from mod

    he meant people pm the mod who does the contest, and its annoying how everytime they say "dont pm me, i know nothing" like this #Message from Jezebelle: find XXXX somewhere on XXXXX random noob: /jezebelle where is XXXX? #Message from Jezebelle: dont pm me, i know nothing!
  14. 'Noob'

    thanks! :lol: i added some more, just for fun
  15. Fun Quiz

    Great... that was EXACTLY what it told me... Please don't tell me it gave you the little astronout pic.? of course i did, it "analyzes" your answers and then picks one of the countries and everyone who is picked for a country gets the same thing as anyone else picked for that country, its how they work edit: typo