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  1. Hello From Guildwars

    I noticed that there is almost 300 players online, good job. Just wanted you guys to know GuildWars has been out for a while, and I invite all of you to play with me. "Exiled Child" www.guildwars.com
  2. Other MMORPGs

    LOL! thanks for the laugh.
  3. Other MMORPGs

    wats ur rs account name?
  4. Official GW movie

    Team Chuck Norris March Video: Took a few weeks to throw this one together, it's a 16 minute video showcasing PvP, GvG, Tombs, and some PvE. Hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the last one: Feature Film: http://www.gwforum.ca/img/tcn_mar_hi.avi (190MB) Low Res Version: http://www.gwforum.ca/img/tcn_mar_lo.avi (72.4MB) Note: gwforum.ca recently moved to a new server and the domain was pushed. If the links are broken, it just means your ISP hasn't updated their DNS tables yet. They usually do this once per 24 hours, so you'll have to wait it out.
  5. Official GW movie

    reald the FAQ's They made diablo 1/2..along with warcraft series, starcraft, battle.net (10 mins later) then the lineage series came our *zzz*
  6. Ancanar

    yea, sure...look at hers.
  7. http://guildwars.com/gallery/movies/default.html
  8. Old EL Screenshots.

    yea SKA, EL is dead, im off to RS again, "elrocksrs"
  9. Old EL Screenshots.

    spacebars are the worst invintion, EVER!!! I had toreplace 3 keyboards now..
  10. E-L interface

  11. Old times

    old times never had capes..
  12. Old EL Screenshots.

    I was "THEDEVIL" on Roja's I am so proud to be in almost every shot
  13. Old EL Screenshots.

    Yea, that dwarf is some guy named "eclips" about 5 months before the faster walk was implememnted. My first ever screenshot was me..alone...the only thing to do wasa talk..but no one was ever on.. I feel bad missing the first week this game was introduced to the internet.. Im 1 week younger than uber oldbie, *cries*
  14. Old EL Screenshots.

    Notice the 3 best oldbies (that was taken the day we had a new MAx players online==17!!!)
  15. The best screenshot

    No one ever saw this. It was illegal ^.^