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  1. My IP, banned

    Thanks Aislinn
  2. My IP, banned

    Hi, Haven't tried to log in for a couple months, I guess, til tonight. My IP has been banned for some reason. I know I've done nothing to merit this. Hoping someone can help me resolve this. Thanks
  3. Selling..

    IBSOF Book for sale PM me ingame to buy
  4. Mortos Challange

    Good job on all you guys Wish I could've been there to see it. Didn't know it was set for yesterday
  5. IRON is branching out.

    Good luck and have fun guys
  6. SSOTW: Pk fight shots!

    Hope they are high enough quality jpg's... (oops...edited the first pic so i took it out:\)
  7. 10,000 Days

    Love it... A Perfect Circle = even better (imo)
  8. Time for me to say Goodbye

    Oh... I hope everything works out for the best. I'll miss you lots. Good luck to you, Sweet
  9. New manufacture books

    I got one from a skeleton.
  10. Semi contest

  11. [patch] Kill Counter

    Got it. Thanks a lot.
  12. [patch] Kill Counter

    The patch is really cool. But, I have a couple of problems from it... I got these messages: And also, my screen flashes at times. None of this ever happened prior to my downloading it. *Sorry if this should have gone in bugs section. This seemed more like where to post*
  13. Thanx Ent&Roja

    I just wasn't sure whether to be happy for Ent and Roja or be really upset about being on windows and losing EL.
  14. Southpark