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  1. B&S

    Just a message for tell Hello at all I can remember, a lot changed names, just tell me via pm if you want... We won't play as much as before and stoped hard trainning just want have fun with all see you in game
  2. ppl maoning bout being pked whats with that

    train naked you may lose only HE and SR, don't forget pm : gratz you killed someone naked you are so strong and don't forget everybody can get high stats in att/def just need time then train, train and train
  3. my chainmail shirt :)

    really nice work! a full chain mail like in game in medieval time weighs like 20kg and usualy took a years to make, rings are a bit more little, i really like effect with the too color of metal
  4. Test server open, need testers

    it work very well for me edit: if some one is now in test server please come at beam edit2 : when i log off and log on color of guilds are saved...
  5. Stats showing

    why only top 10 then? all things you told are same for top 10 too
  6. Stats showing

    I forget to add: - about how construct a char : some players ever ask me how put pp and how train, i always answer i don't see a bad effect to know how to construct a char, just ask to good persones.... - about scamming : maybe is it possible have same as health bar for top 50, color calculate between 0 and highest exp get from the first in each skills.... (don't know if it's hard to implement or a colour every 20 levels)
  7. Stats showing

    Some don't play only for be the first. Cause most of this discuss is about pk, some don't pk and don't care and are fed up with people harrass them or beg them why? Maybe players will start play, in my mind, MMORPG is a RPG...
  8. Map bugs, version 1.1.2

    when not open usually there is no message...
  9. Map bugs, version 1.1.2

    kusamura cave entrance in 334.257 "get closer" kusamura 2 entrances work and one don't tell it's a pk map other yes Idaloran 150.44 "welcome to EEEK" and nothing happen
  10. Map bugs, version 1.1.2

    trassian map 63.109 can't go back to underground passagway trassian cave 615.251 can enter can't go out trassian cave saret's cave 208.207 can go up with ladder but can't go down trassian cave saret's cave 247.57 hole should teleport message and nothing happen trassian 59.60 can't reach destination trassian 63.112 can't reach destination trassian caves the tri caves 112.744 can't go out from hulda we can only go to trassian and nowhere from trassian exept hulda
  11. Server down?

    anyone saw arctic chim?
  12. Server down?

    i think yes :/
  13. Bugs in the top 50.

    aren't they use macroing? ;p
  14. Version 1.1.2 is ready

    win xp sp2 athlon 64 3ghz FX 5700 256mb Run really well and bug with magic quickbar repared Edit : I play in Full screen 1280x1024x32
  15. Selling Titanium Long Sword of Magic

    do you accept 2 lilacs?