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  1. Unbann ip

    Hi, since many years now i can't play EL because i cheat one time. But i understood what i have done. Now i promise to not do that again. Please can you unbann my ip. I would not do something forbidden one more time. Give me a second chance please.
  2. Ip banned

    Hi my char "Neolitte" and my ip was banned since more a year and half now... I wanted to know if i could be unbanned...just my ip, please. I'll not do this again. I promise you. I really understood. Thanks for your time..
  3. Unban Neolitte

    Hi, I've got my ip ban since 11 months. Now i ask to you today for remove my ip locked and my char Neolitte because i want to play this game. I know I've not follow many rules but if you can give me one chance please. Thanks you, Good bye
  4. Unban Neolitte

    Oh my god if you want invent something but i never doing that...
  5. Unban Neolitte

    When i have cheat? I have just writte the password of my char but i don't remember him so i write many password i knew and you say i want to hack another account....
  6. IP BAN

    Hi, I got IP ban since 6 months. I Know i not follow the rules but i want to try again please. If you can unban my IP and my char Neolitte please. Now i know the rules Thanks you