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  1. Install Directory?

    Thanks very much tropatropa, solved.
  2. Install Directory?

    Hi could someone tell me where the game was installed if i used this install method: Start a terminal using the menu option Applications->Accessories->Terminal then enter the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pjbroad/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install eternallands I want to put the sound there, but i can't find it. I've just come back to Ubuntu after over 1 year off, it's nice to be back and i can't believe i remembered my login!! Many thanks.
  3. Sound Issue

    Thanks. One last thing Korrode - i have to do the aoss command each time or there's no sound. Why every time? And, what is aoss doing - am i loading a particular built-in sound program?
  4. Sound Issue

    Ok Korrode you've cracked it all for me! Yes that started the game - i guess that's why it says newbie near my ID (i'm new to Ubuntu too). I then tried the aoss el.x86.linux.bin - no luck. So i tried aoss ./el.x86.linux.bin - jackpot! Please tell me what ./ does. Many thanks to all who have replied.
  5. Sound Issue

    Ok i can't quite believe this - i now can't start the game! When typing in aoss /el.x86.linux.bin or aoss el.x86.linux.bin (i've tried both after cd to the correct directory) i get "exec: 14: el.x86.linux.bin: not found". When trying to start the game (and remembering that i'm scrolling through the commands that i have used for the past 2 months to start it) i'm getting "sudo: /el.x86.linux.bin: command not found" I'm wondering whether i should just do an uninstall/clean install of the game again? How would i uninstall it? Thanks. edit: i've cd'd to the correct place and the bin file is executable!
  6. Sound Issue

    Thanks for the replies. I've tried running the aoss command in a terminal but get "Eternal-Lands not found". I've also cd to the directory it is installed in but get the same. Can anybody help please - i believe this is the most likely problem.
  7. Sound Issue

    Hi all, i've been playing the game for a couple of days on Ubuntu 10.10 - love it! Downloaded the sound and unzipped it into a folder called "sound". Changed the settings in-game to enable sound and changed the el.ini file to read "sounds" - 1 but still no sound. When i execute the bin file to start the game using a terminal the game starts but 1 line in terminal says "open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory" In the options, in-game under audio the sound device is empty (on another thread someone said this doesn't matter). Any help is much appreciated.