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  1. Engineering Quest Flynt gives no exp.

    If memory serves (been too long since I've done it) the best place for the mines is on the other side of the rock from the flag. West side I THINK! If I am wrong...oops.
  2. Everything black

    After upgrading to El Capitan, I have learned that if you MINIMIZE the window this issue will happen. I have to quit and restart. ONLY if I minimize. Could be your issue.
  3. Crash upon opening

    The official Mac client crashes on the more recent Mac OS versions. I don't remember the cut off point off the top of my head. The solution is to use Sir_Odie's build as the link below. Enjoy! 1.9.3 EL-Client for MacOS X
  4. Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

    Hummmmm, I use that client on Mavericks with no problem. Might need some more info other than it crashes. Do you mean 3 days without exiting the game or 3 days more or less "normal" use?
  5. Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

    Use this client: 1.9.3 EL-Client for MacOS X
  6. Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

    Ok got it. I hope another Mac programmer is looking at this and can check it out. I fixed the one for Lion but RL is a bit, shall we say over loaded at the moment. So I can't get to this in a timely manner. it LOOKS like in the init_stuff call, CGSGetDisplayTransferByTable is getting some data it doesn't like. What that is I don't know with out digging. I hope somebody can work on this and post updates, otherwise I'll get on this about December, which I'm sure would suck for Mythos.
  7. Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

    Sounds like something changed in the drivers....AGAIN! I haven't upgraded to 10.9 nor been in game in about a month. How far do you get when you launch the app?
  8. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    Thanks Odie, did not know that! Also got Mary sorted. You have to use the Alt key to get # on her keyboard, we remapped it.
  9. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    The AFK is a client issue, I'll hit you up in game to tell you the fix. It's a hidden file (which sucks). Not sure what else but help is coming as soon as I can log on
  10. "New" location bug

    The mighty Odie! Correct on no tab-map, which I don't care about. I am using Client 1.9.3. I will teleport in there as I log on and sit around. PM in game and we can work through this. If i'm not logged on, means I'm not available. EDIT: I loged in and Portaled in. For whatever reason it's working now. Thanks for all who tried, must have just been some sort of fluke.
  11. "New" location bug

    Not sure what you mean by F1 maps. F1 for me toggles between console (text) and game (playable part of the game). I feel like I'm missing the proper nouns. Yes that is correct for location, was just trying to avoid spoilers but the cat is out of the bag now. Makes sense about not having the map file, but where would I get it? There have been no client updates. I would not care if there was no "map" per say (hitting tab and just getting there is no map for this location) but instead there is no screen for me interact with, clicking to move does nothing, but I could see another char walk about. Thanks for the suggestions Ghrae and Acelon, I think we're on the right track.
  12. "New" location bug

    Hey folks, So since this is public and I don't want to, shall we say make spoilers for those who don't want them, I will be slightly cryptic of the location but we all know what I mean. So I used the Teleporter today, just to see what the place is like but all I get is a black screen with me and any other character who happens to be in. Any suggestions?
  13. Sound problem - partial sound effects

    Sorry Mythos, I play with sound off so I can't say for certain. I do know under the "Audio" tab you can adjust environmental, fighting, client, etc sounds. Could be just needs to be mixed to what you want.
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    great job!! Awesome! How do I get it?