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  1. My Pet Ant!

    But you forgot to feed yourself.
  2. You Know You're Addicted To El When:

    Lol I used smeg in Warcraft accidentally and assumed that everyone knew what I meant .
  3. Your Favorite Screens.

    Someone was harvesting with full plate .
  4. Random Stuff

  5. Random Stuff

    427419669081, 321110693270, 343633073697 <-- produced by the Maple random number generator
  6. Changing Your Password

    Or have them retype it before it changes. Or implement both ideas.
  7. Do You Need Gc, Fast?

    How many gc will you offer?
  8. What Missle's Better.

    Where does the potassium come from? I think you meant: AgNO3 + KCl (a type of salt) -----> AgCl + KNO3
  9. Programer Or Murderer

    I got 5/10.
  10. Screen Shot Contest!

  11. Chess Event :d

    Yeah, the ranges need to be lowered again, or the formula changed.
  12. Problems Logging On To Server

    Crap .. I just lost 1.5k worth of stuff. Don't the datacenter people warn you before a server restart?
  13. Problems Logging On To Server

    Are bags maintained when the server goes down?
  14. Problems Logging On To Server

    I'm having problems logging onto the game server right now. Is anyone else?
  15. Gnomes In A Barrel!

    Apparently Ciara owns all the newbs too.